Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Penny Heiress

The Hopeless Romantic
Series #4


The Canadian Government announced a few weeks ago that commencing this Fall, 
they will no longer be producing the penny.

 There are 30 billion pennies in circulation today.

Then of the course, the hopeless romantic that I am starts to think.....
If I collected all these pennies, I could be a billionairess.

Stay with me here my friends.....
It's doable.

So now you are wondering....what will she buy with all her billions.
I think we all know I will need a sweet little cottage to live in.

Having a sturdy home base is always so important.

Throw a few garden parties.

Do you like my hat?

I could comfortably surround my sweet little home with beauty.

It's important to have lots of sunshine where you reside.

And a pretty place to sit with a good book and a cup of tea.

And it goes without saying, lots of fresh cut flowers.

And since I am in Britain buying and restoring historical properties, I could touch base with the Queen.
Ask her if she would entitle me an aristocratic title, The Countess of Centmore.

Isn't it great to see what a few pennies will get you.

I would invite all my blog pals over for a day outing with the horses.

Will have plenty of staff to help out in the stables.

The best part of saving all my pennies, will be shopping for some pretties.

But seriously, being a penny billionairess will not change me that much.
I still am a small town, country girl at heart.

I will still want to breath the country life.

Enjoy some peaceful baking time in the kitchen.

Take quiet afternoon naps.

Yes, I think being a penny billionairess is quite lovely.
Best start collecting, to-date I think I have......all of 20 pennies.


picture source Tumblr


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  1. This would work for me! I would love just getting inside that castle for an afternoon! Have a lovely day!

  2. Good Morning Diane Sweetie...
    Oh what a dreamy and beautiful share this fine morning. I loved your little cottage, (seeing as how you would be a billionaress, could you put me in a cottage next door?) LOL...

    Loved all of the dreamy shares. Isn't it fun to window shop? And to think it all started with a few little pennies.

    My favorite share...the outdoor setting with the long flowing blue striped curtains, gorgeous wall lanterns and the table set up for a queen with the candelabra and beautiful flowers. I loved it.

    Have a gorgeous day sweetie and thanks for letting me dream along with you this morning. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Hi Diane!
    beautiful post! i love the picture of the tiny daisies in the white container and the last picture. That is a pretty bed.

  4. We rolled and traded in pennies for $35.00

  5. Whilst I haven't ridden in years, I might just find myself hanging around the stables a lot!
    I would love a bed with a view like the one that has the sunflowers next to it.
    The first house, with all the red flowers, is a place we visit often. It is just as grand inside.

  6. what a cute post! And the hired help....woohoo! :)

  7. I'd be very happy to have that pink bedroom for my stay - or the red room with the little plaid settee - I'm easy going - no trouble - and I'd be happy to help you spend those pennies!

  8. Some of those pennies are down here in the US - - - I see them here in Wisconsin from time to time!

  9. Hi Diane I actually did not know about the pennies. When I come up this summer I will be collecting with First of all I am loving your blog. This post was such a marvelous story. To top it off you have great taste in the hired help (Oh my!). What an inspiring post! I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  10. Oh I forgot to leave my link.


  11. Dear Duchess of Centmore, do you loan out your hired help :)

  12. Dear Duchess of Centmore, do you loan out your hired help :)