Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy and Glorious

The Hopeless Romantic
Series #3


The best part of life is being happy, content and at peace.
Happiness means different things to different people.
All of us across the globe share one thing in common, 
we all just want to be happy.
Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe it is just me being a hopeless romantic!

 I am a hat wearer. 
 I love pretty straw hats with bows, ribbon and flowers.
However when I am doing serious gardening outside, this leather and lace lady wears a baseball cap....go figure!

I have a stationary exercise bicycle which I spend 20 minute with every morning, boring but necessary.
However, I am in love with my 10 speed Raleigh outdoor bike.   
This bicycle and I are comrades.  In the summer we are inseparable.
I love peddling my bike on a beautiful sunny day, the longer the tour the better.

Lavender love.......

One day I will have a lavender farm.

Surround myself with this beautiful scented herb.

Find myself a sweet cowboy, fall in love and get re-married.

Oh yes....I like cowboy hats as well! 

Settle into a cute cottage.

My sweet cottage will have dashes of red.

Some vintage here and there.

And a sweet cottage kitchen.

And of course, the horses will have to stay in the back pasture,
don't want them stomping over my lavender!

It's important to have a little bit of bling in your life.

And comfortable shoes.

Okay, comfortable and pretty.

And of course, it is always important to read.

Doesn't everyone have a grand library??

Relaxed and calm.

My entire life, I have had a love affair with tea and chocolate.

And lavender.....but I think I might have mentioned that!  :)

What makes you happy?

picture source - tumblr

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  1. Oh, what beautiful things! Love the lavender! Seeing the end of tax season coming makes me very happy! :)

    I love hats but I don't look good in them so I hardly ever wear them unless I'm at the beach!

  2. I love lavender. I planted some beneath the washing line so that the laundry brushes against it as it dries.

  3. I could just say 'me too'...except for the cowboy part, as I have The Great Dane, and even after all these years he makes my heart flutter.
    Lavender - we have a lot of it here at Pondside, and a lavender farm nearby - it's heavenly.