Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Dish on "Diane"

Hmm.....that was kinda a catchy post title!
Anyway, yesterday I was out and about and came across these pretty dishes, "Diane", at the thrift store.
My namesake.

I fell in love with these dishes last year when we were living out west.

 In Kamloops, BC, I initially bought a two place setting of the dishes - dinner plates, bread and dessert bowls, 2 teacups and saucers and the salt and pepper shakers.

I knew that I wanted to get more of these dishes, but waited until I returned back home.

Since then I have been looking around, but the ones I have seen were either in bad shape or there were not that many of I waited.

Until yesterday when I saw an eight place setting of dinner plates, bread plates and dessert bowls.
Bought everything for $11.....not bad!



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  1. That's a great find Diane! I remember when you purchased the first of them and now you have the whole set! They are beautiful. Hugs, Pam

  2. Your patience paid off, what a great deal for all those Diane dishes.

  3. $11! Not bad at all, Diane. I'm glad you found them.

  4. They are so pretty! What a great find!

  5. They are nice dishes, and an incredible deal!

  6. How cool is it that you found china with your name on it! My mom has flatware that has her first name and her maiden name on it. I think it's pretty unique when you find pieces like that. And the china you found is so pretty!

    Loribeth @

  7. You got an amazing deal on your namesake plates!



  8. I have these dishes! And so does my mother and sister...bought at Affiliated grocery store week by week in the late 1970s or 1980-1981. Still think they are very pretty. Congratulations on your find.