Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Country Charm

I drive by this barn so often and always admire its old, rugged charm.
So this past weekend, I pulled over and grabbed my camera.

The three buildings sit alone in the middle of farm land.

As I approach I can hear the wind rattling away with the roof top.
Making lonely eerie noises.

Birds playing around or building their nests.

I would love to go in, but am not sure what would meet me on the other side.

I wonder how many years it has stood there.
How many winter storms it has withstood or sweltering hot summers.

Happy with my afternoon exploration, I headed home.


  And bought myself what all country girls should have.....some pretty flowers.



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  1. Country charm for sure! So great that you were able to get so close and get some detailed shots!

  2. I've often thought of opening one of these old and cracked doors. But have never been bold enough. Sometimes you can find a spot to peek in and that even makes me want to explore further. Love these charming barn photos. have a great day.

  3. I like looking at old buildings such as these and imagining all that has gone on there.

  4. Great shots...I love all your thrifty buys...I am the SAME!!!
    I would love to go onto the barn...probably find a lot of wooden treasures...but kinda scary!!

    Came here from Crafty Gardener...
    Would love you to visit and check out my thrifty buys!!!

    Linda :o)

  5. Very nice. I love seeing birds flying in and out of those lovely barns.

  6. How charming. Love the photos.

    Hugs from here

  7. Great pictures. It is kind of sad to see these great old buildings in need of repair. To think that at one time they teemed with life, and someone put their life into creating it. I love to explore the old farms and fields and marvel at what the farmers managed to do in days past.
    Thanks for the post, it was great.
    Rob Dares

  8. Hi Diane! These are wonderful barn photos. It looks like it was quite a farm at one time. It will probably be a sub division before long, sadly. Take care my friend.

  9. That looks to be a big barn with a good roof which makes one wonder why the rest is not repaired.

  10. I love old barns and am so glad to see a glimpse of some in Canada. I'm so happy to be following back. Love the flowers too, and thanks for linking to Cowgirl Up.

  11. I'm like you, I wouldn't have opened that door, either! Beauty of a barn & silo. I esp like the shape of it!
    Very pretty flowers, too
    Thanks so much for joining =)

  12. Great building. Love the close up of the door. That's just my kind of 'artsy' shot. lol

    Not always, but sometimes silos stand so much taller than the barns they sentinel. In photos it's a bit shocking just how much taller they are.

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #82