Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roses and Zombies

It's a little hard to imagine these two words combine together,
 but let me explain how they came together.

Cozy Canadian Cottage

I have always been a girly girl.
  I love lace, tea cups, bouquets of flowers, high heels, pretty dresses and gardens.
But I just love camping.


 It's a leather and lace way of life.
A love affair with Royal Albert fine china and Coleman thermal sleeping bags.

Cozy Canadian Cottage

  I love nothing than whiling away my days in the rugged great outdoors.

Cozy Canadian Cottage - Niagara escarpment

Now understand,  I love being a lady with all the benefits that come with being a lady.
But I can equally sleep under the stars, cook my meals over an open fire, 
canoe down a beautiful, peaceful river.
Most summer nights you can find me sitting around a bonfire talking ghosts stories, 
the wonders of the universe and great camping tales.

Cozy Canadian Cottage  -  Kamloops, BC

How does Zombies come into this scenario? 


  I just LOVE, LOVE the TV show, The Walking Dead. 
 I think the real reason I watch it every Sunday evening
is because, in a round-about way, they are camping. 


 The world as they know it has ended and they are basically living off the land,
while they combat Zombies. 
 Myself, I could do without the Zombie thing while I camp.


 One of my very favourite characters is Dale, 
In the show he owns and lives in an RV.  
 An old, early 70's Winnebago.


As far back as I can remember I have always wanted an RV.  
Not just any RV, I want a vintage baby!

Often, I will look in Kijiji or Craigslist and see what is up for sale.
Dreaming, someday I will have a vintage motor home of my own.


This beauty has been on Kijiji for a while.  It has my name written all over it!
 Someday I will round up the $5000, decorate it in vintage Coca-Cola red and white and hit the road.
Let me know when I am in your neck of the woods and we can all hit the road together in our vintage RV's.
We will call our group - The Road Sisters......how does that sound??
For now however, I am saving my pennies, nickles and dimes!!

 So there you have it, camping Diane, 
learning how to survive a Zombie apocalypse, 
all the while enjoying freshly cut, beautifully scented flowers!

The Road Sisters


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  1. I get it - completely!
    You've given me the greatest idea for a blog post - coming soon!

  2. I'm a country gal that loves camping and the outdoors. I love those daisies, my favourite flower.

  3. great post!! my two loves are lace & stone! i love to knit lace and love the Rocky Mtns where we always vacationed!! ^)^linda