Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parenting 101 - The "What If" Years

Yesterday, I spend a wonderful day in the company of my sweet daughter.
She turned the magic age of 21.

Twenty-one years ago, I delivered this precious tiny human into the world.


When I look at my daughter
When this small little creature was introduced into my hemisphere, 
I didn't know one thing about parenting.....not one.
She didn't come with a manual on parenting 101.

When she was an infant and toddler.
Would I do a good job?  Can I make this person a good and strong person?
What if I screw up?  What if I do everything wrong and she turns into some crazy lunatic.
Have I feed her enough?  Should I change her diaper every 30 minutes....just in case.
I feel guilty because I work full-time.  I am missing everything!

During the elementary school years.
Does she have enough food for lunch?  Will I be able to afford all the school trips they take.
What if she misses the school bus.  Did I press off her clothes, does she look all wrinkly.
I feel guilty because I work full-time, what if she needs me in an emergency and I can't get there fast enough?
Will I give you good, memorable Christmases and Birthdays?

The high school years.
 Will she make new friends?  Make good memories?
Did I embarrass her in some way?
Guilt over the fact I could not afford $5000 to send her on the school Europe trip.
Everyday I sent her to school, I worry about guns.  Drugs.

 Leaving home to go to University.
I worry about her 24/7.....period.
 I think you should move back home....period!

 When my daughter looks at me.
Love and respect.

Okay.....all in all, I think I did pretty good at this parenting thing!



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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Diane. And I bet Rachel thinks you are the best.

  2. I think you did a great job too Diane! Beautiful photos. Happy Birthday to Rachel! Blessings, Pamela

  3. Lovely post Diane and a happy birthday to Rachael.

  4. those are all thoughts going through my head these days too! I have to say, I'm definately nervous for the highschool years.

  5. You obviously did better than 'Pretty good,' Diane. This was lovely. It's hard to believe they ever fit into those little white dresses. It's hard for me, and I still have one under a year! :) You've reassured me and given me things to look forward to worrying about today. Thank you for both :)

  6. Sweet little clothes. I'm sure Rachel thinks you did an outstanding job in the mother department. ;-)
    Happy Birthday to your girl. ~ Sarah

  7. I think you know the answer - it's right in the first line of your post. We mothers of daughters are so lucky!

  8. This mama thing is so hard, isn't it?
    But what blessings those babies are in our hearts and in our lives...

  9. I love your post, so beautiful..
    I felt all those same things and much more as I am sure you did, too.
    My daughter (only child) is now 32 yrs old and has her own daughter (10 weeks old) (yup, I'm a nana) I know she already thinks these things and will continue as time goes on. For me I wonder once again, did I do a good job so she can do a good job. I think I have...
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wiping some tears away... because... that was so sweet... thanks... my middle son turns 21 in two weeks... I understand... thanks for sharing