Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Mail-Order Valentine

A Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, love and romance is in the air.

 However, maybe you don't have a special Valentine.
Maybe it is a day you don't particularly like?

Well no worries ladies....this year you get your own mail-order Valentine.
You get to pick and choose who you will love and admire this February 14th.


Here are some of your male candidates.


George Clooney

Pros - Smart, ambitious, wealthy, most handsomest man on the planet, 
Cons -  has commitment issues.


Gerard Butler

Pros - Handsome, Scottish, sexy as sin
Cons - too many movies, too busy - would he have time for us?


Hugh Jackman

Pros - Breath-taking, family man, Austrailian
Cons - can turn into Wolverine with sharp claws



Ryan Gosling

Pros - charming, Canadian, heart melting, sweetest person on earth
Con - might still be in love with Rachel McAdams


Matt Damon

Pros - nice looking, American, boy next door, bring home to mother
Cons - are you kidding, he's way too sweet to have any cons



Jude Law

Pros - drop dead gorgeous, British, brilliant actor
Cons - bit of a bad boy



Bradley Cooper

Pros - heart melter, American, funny
Cons - can he be prettier than we are??


  Josh Duhamel

Pros - tall, American, likes kids
Cons -  don't know, don't care



Andrew Lincoln

Pros - Amazing, British, handsome sheriff
Cons - none, he kills Zombies for a living



Richard Armitage

Pros - hunk, British, most romantic man on the planet
Cons - who cares, I will take him as my Valentine!


Okay, now that we have picked out our special someone, lets address some other Valentine issues.



Valentine chocolates.
It's very simple actually.......just go out and buy some....yum!

 People will think that you are buying them for your sweetheart,
.....which of course you are, because you picked him out yourself!
And wouldn't you know it, he doesn't even like chocolates, 
so you will have to eat them yourself - oh darn!


Date Night

So, Valentine's Day also calls for a romantic night on the town.
No worries, you will rent the most romantic movie in the video store.

 Ta night solved.



When you think of Valentine's Day, you think red roses.
This Valentines lets buy ourselves a beautiful bouquet of flowers, doesn't necessarily have to be red.
Pick your own favourite colour and flowers.

 Buy them with your groceries, slip them in with your loaf of bread and pot roast.
Myself, I am thinking yellow roses.


Romantic Dinner

Be a rebel, order pizza!


Myself this Valentine's Day, you will find me romancing Richard.
I will be having my pizza, surrounded by beautiful yellow roses, as I watch North & South!

 Happy Valentines me.


picture source - tumblr except were indicated

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  1. Hi Diane,

    Wonderful post for our letter this week. I see quite a few handsome men. Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. I don't know which I love more: the photo of the pearls on the door knob or the one of Bradley Cooper. Okay, let's call it a tie! ;)


  3. Cute post! Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy it the best way you can. Pamela

  4. very cute and funny, too! Happy Valentine's Day <3

  5. Wonderfully funny! Handsome men, but I have one of my very own and he loves ME!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    ♥ Jil

  6. We divorced gals need our own holiday, don't we? Yes, love is in the air, I suppose. But there's not a man on the face of this earth, no matter how smart, good-looking and wonderful, that I would trust with this heart again. I'd rather buy my own chocolates!

  7. I genuinely enjoyed reading your post.
    Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day ! Let's celebrate every love.

  8. HPS & Valentine's Day!

    You made my day!!! OMG!!!
    I am taking #2 so very fast before anybody else does...Love Gerard!

    Forget the flowers and the chocolate, LOL!


  9. If you had one of these hunks, you would not need candy. I am afraid they are out of my league. Thanks for letting us have the pleasure of looking at them.

  10. Dear Diane,

    Happy St. Valentine's!

    GREAT post!

    But one choice is mine if we're dreaming of our dream guys....and that is Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. The End.

    Oh be still, my heart!

  11. I do believe that George Clooney is one of the most handsome men ever born.

  12. Love how you strut your Pink! Love all the boys and the chocolate and the pizza! So glad I saw you at Beverly's Pink Saturday, you really made me smile. ~Diane (I am #16)

  13. What a HOT post! I need to forward this to my single daughter, she'll get a kick out of it! HPS and Happy Valentine's Day, Marcia

  14. Oh wow! I saw George Clooney and had to come visit, of course! You made my day (I'm Valentine's is usually not exactly special for me!) I adore #2, also, for his accent alone! Eye candy!
    Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Now that's eye candy!!! Why don't you link your post to Seasonal Sundays?

    - The Tablescaper

  16. I'll send this to my single friends who are looking for a hottie! Happy Valentine's Day to you. You have a great sense of humor.

  17. Oh my gosh--this is the BEST blog post ever!!! I LOVE it!!! XO Cindy
    Thanks SO much for linking up!!!

  18. Hi Diane,
    I just went back and edited my Link Party post and asked the women to come over and see this AWESOME post!!!! XO Cindy

  19. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    Your post is dreamy. I mean cute. :-)


  20. I scrolled down the list of men, saying to myself "yep,yep,yep..." Then I saw the lovely Richard and momentarily drooled! North & South is one of my favorites and the ending is totally worth the wait! Thanks for the post!! I hope you have a happy Feb 14th. May it be renamed Richard Armitage Appreciation Day!!


  21. I'm so happy that you decided to join Seasonal Sundays. Hope you'll be here next week too!

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Yummy! What a fabulous post and I was feeling a bit down but now I'm smiling! Thanks!

  23. LOL! that's the way to go! happy Valentine's day!
    thank you for sharing this delightful post,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  24. Cindy Adkins said to come and here I am. And I am SO glad that I did. You are a riot. I LOVED your singles Valentine post. Hey you don't have to be single to do all that. And just looking at all those drop dead gorgeous studs was enough of a Valentines gift to me. lol!


  25. Oh fun! One question though... do I have to pick ONLY one guy??? Happy Valentine's Day-enjoy:@)

  26. Hi Diane, I came over from Cindy's Woman Thing. This is a great Valentine post. I know several more ladies who will love this! Enjoy your special Valentine's Day. I'm a new follower. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  27. What a fun post! The choices are amazing - lol! I don't think I could settle for just one. =)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you...indeed!

  28. Thoroughly enjoyed this post this morning. Have a great Valentine's Day!

  29. What a hoot! Since you don't have Tom Selleck on this list..I'd have to pick our hometown boy...George Clooney. That's right he's from right here in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. It's still funny to see him walkin around and you have to do a double take cause folks can't beleive he's just there.

  30. love this post!!!
    i'm 61 years old...
    can you say
    LOL ~victoria~

  31. Hello, I loved this post and as a fellow Brit I have to agree with Richard Armitage. I love North and South, when I first watched it from Netflix I watched the entire thing all the way through. Best afternoon I spent! Thank you so much for sharing, Maureen.