Sunday, February 26, 2012

A father's daughter

 A boy named Sue.....
Sunday morning coming down....

 Johnny Cash
Every time I hear music from Johnny Cash, I think of my father.
My sweet dad died May 31, 1973.

In the icy waters of the most northern point of the Northwest Territories, not far from Greenland.
My father's life ended tragically, he was 36.  I was 10.
I could literally feel my heart breaking.

My father was on a one year contact as a cooking chef for a company that services remote work stations in the Territories.
One night as they were flying from station to station, the intoxicated helicopter pilot lost his bearings, flew into an early spring snow storm, and the helicopter violently crashed into solid ice terrain.

There were four men in that helicopter, all perished.
My father died at the hands of an intoxicated driver.

Why the Johnny Cash reference.  
As a little girl, I remember my dad listening to Johnny signing away about Sunday mornings coming down, and a boy named Sue.  And because he loved those songs, so did I.
I followed my father around like a shadow.  Always trailing after him.  
Asking all kinds of questions, and he would answer every single one.  

I would sit in the passenger seat beside him in his pickup truck, and listen intensively as he taught me the roles of the road and how to be a good driver.  I am 10, four feet tall, pig-tails in my hair. 
Of course, I never go behind the wheel, but I was convinced I could easily drive a car if the occasion should every arise!

So for 39 years, every Sunday morning,
 I think of Johnny Cash, pick-up trucks and the best father in the world.

Sometimes.......some broken hearts just never mend.




  1. Such tragic loss. Your memories of your father, prompted by music, must be treasures to you. Music is, in so many ways, such a gift.

  2. Sigh, awl, what a post.

    I am so sorry you lost your wonderful father at such a tender age!

    I lost my own Pop 12 years ago this past Thursday. He was one of my best friends, too, but I had an entire lifetime with him....I cannot even fathom your loss.

    I am sending you a virtual hug, and a prayer for both of our dads...and one for you too.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. How terribly sad, Diane, all the more so because of the awful circumstances. One person's irresponsibility affected so many lives.
    I remember my dad showing me how to change gears in the car when I was far too young to drive, and like you I was convinced I could do it easily.

  4. What a beautiful and sad post. How tragic for you and your family to lose your dad when he was so young.
    The reminders are good ones that will always be with you. Blessings to you. Pamela

  5. Diane, I am so sorry for you loss. I also lost my parents to two teenagers who stayed home from school one day to get drunk and then got behind the wheel and crashed into my parents. I was a young adult when it happend. The shock never goes matter how many years pass. The picture of your dad is wonderful and I can tell how much you love him(that always continues). I'm glad you have the music tied with your memories of your wonderful dad.

  6. I am so sorry you lost your father in such a tragic way Diane. What a beautiful post. So many memories wrapped up in music, such a beautiful way to remember him. I am thankful to still have my father. Sending you sweet thoughts!


  7. What beautiful post! How tragic for you and your loved ones. I know you treasure those memories of him.

  8. Beautiful and sad post all in one...what a great way to remember him. Come by on Monday to NIFTY THRIFTY have been featured...please feel free to grab my starfish featured button for your blog.


  9. So sorry for you loss. What a great post in memory of your dad. I, too lost my dad, 11 years ago. He died of a heart attack, no warning. Wish I would have had time to say good-bye. Still miss him everyday. So thankful for good memories. It sounds like you had lots of good memories, a blessing!

  10. So beautiful and so sorry you had to lose your dad at such an early age.

  11. I'm happy you have such sweet memories. It must've been horrible to lose your father so young. I so enjoyed your tribute to him. Feb 6th marked the 18th year of my father's death, so I share some of your sorrow.