Saturday, January 28, 2012

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A European Adventure

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When my kids were little I made a commitment of at least two European trips.
A gift for each one when they graduate high school.
Their choice, anywhere in Europe.

Daughter 2009

In 2009 my daughter graduated, she choose Great Britain.
In three whirlwind weeks we did England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

England 2009

Now it is son's turn to graduate this year and he is choosing Italy and France.
Yessss...........I have been to England three times, but never to France or Italy.

So now I will have to do some serious, serious, serious saving.
We are looking at going early July.

Daughter has already started to gather info on hotel costs, flights and car rentals.

For some time I had been budgeting a purchase of a new little house for myself.
But looks like that may have to be postponed for a little bit.
Traveling Europe with my children sounds a bit more fun!!

A lot of changes have happened in the last few months.
I worry and hope I will be able to afford this European adventure.
But, I am the Queen of saving money and I can do this!!
Looks like Kraft Dinner and peanut butter for the next six months!!  Yikes!


Anyone who has visited either of those countries 
are you able to recommend a Bed & Breakfast or other economical and clean places to stay?




  1. Diane, I'm so excited for you and your children to be going on this trip. I'm sure you will have an awesome time. I've never been there other than a day trip to France from England so can't offer any suggestions for B&B's. Hang on to your pennies and loonies and toonies girl! Blessings, Pamela

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, I want to go. I've never been but am so jealous!!!! I hope you have a great time!


  3. what an amazing thing to do with your children! I agree that it will be worth the penny pinching =)

  4. Lucky you! I have a blog friend who lives in Verona. I'll give your her blog link. She's great!

  5. Hello Dianne
    My family just went on a vacation this past September to Ireland, Wales, London, Paris, Venice and Florence. I was the primary researcher and booked all of the travel arrangements and accommodations. I have only good things to say about everywhere we stayed. The most affordable would be self catering. I will give you the last half of our itinerary as it has websites you can go to. If you need any other info I will gladly help out. On the last leg of this vacation there were 4 of us.

    15) - Train to Paris - ? ( need to book 3 months before date)
    16) - Paris Apartment - - $133.00 per person ( 3 nights) - BOOKED
    17) Sept 26 - Transfer to Paris Orley Airport - ?
    18) - Flight to Venice - $83.50 per person - BOOKED
    19) - Transfer from Marco Polo Airport to Apt. - ?
    20) - Venice Apt. - - $261.50 per person ( 6 nights) - BOOKED
    21) Oct 2 - Transfer to Florence - 1 night accommodation to book enroute - ?
    22) Oct 3 - Florence Apt. - Tosinghi - - $232.00 per person ( 1 week) - BOOKED
    23) Oct 10 - Transfer to Florence Airport - ?
    24) - Flight Florence to London Gatwick - $121.00 per person - BOOKED

  6. Hi Dianne
    Just to let you know that trip advisor was a great help.

    Hope you have a great trip. The planning is just as much fun.


  7. What a wonderful trip you are going to have. We do a similar trip with our 3 children - we take turns taking each one to New York City for 5 days when they finish High School. That way the trip is tailored to them.

    My husband and I were in Paris last summer and stayed at the Tim Hotel Palais Royale and we loved it. It is small, but very centrally located so we could walk a lot of places and take the subway easily. We booked online and the breakfast was included and it was a fab breakfast (all you can eat with cereal, fruit, yogurt, eggs etc). The Tim Hotel is a chain so if you prefer another area of Paris you could try another one. The area we were in was very quiet because it is the financial district so it had that advantage too.

  8. Diane, it is so exciting to read about your upcoming trip. I would love to keep up with recommendations and such because I am planning on taking the family (five of us!) to Paris and London this late summer 2012. Please continue to post anything you find, I will learn vicariously through you and your contacts' posts! We took the kids to Rome two years ago, but I went the only route I knew, which was to stay in a centrally located hotel and take the metro everywhere. It was like going hiking, so I will be prepared with better and more walking shoes this time around. Also, the weather is boiling hot, so I will be taking lots and lots of sunscreen, and really comfortable smallish to medium sized back packs for the kids and us to carry around during the day trips.

    Great finding you here in the world of blogs!


  9. Thanks Metaphorae for the visit. I will be definitely be posting again on our upcoming trip. I have collected some great info on places to stay from other bloggers and will do a summary post with this collection and how we are coming along. At this point, I have sent out inquiry emails and waiting for prices and availability. Diane