Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Man Winter

The storm from yesterday still rages on today.
It seems that Old Man winter has an iron grip on this storm.

Yesterday I had fun baking. 
Defrosted all my frozen bananas and went to town!
Ended up with a few banana loafs, and quite a few dozen banana muffins.
They all ended up in the deep freezer.

Cozy Canadian Cottage

As we are in day 4 of the snow in, I am starting to run out of fresh foods.
During the winter I always stack up on the basic stapes such as eggs, milk, bread,
but I am running low on salads and fruit.
There is a grocery store a block away from my home.
Will make the track on foot today.

I will don my parka, winter boots, gloves, hat and scarf.  Should be nice and warm!
No worries, if I should get stuck I have my cell phone....will call Santa, he's close by at the North Pole!




  1. Diane,
    You could always take a loaf of that bread and drop bread crumbs. Stay warm and cozy. I hope that storm passes soon.

  2. As much as I love the warmer temperatures and lack of snow we are experiencing, I do love a good snow day (or 2). You sound like you've got a good handle on your snow life. Stay warm and cosy!

  3. Safe trip on your trek to the store. You sure got dumped on with snow and bad weather. It is sunny here today but temperatures are around -15 Celsius with wind chills making it about -25 Celsius. We went out to pick up those fresh items you mentioned and will now stay in for the rest of the day.

  4. Hi Diane,
    Sitting here in the sunshine but not to be fooled it is -20 outside but the snow has stopped for now. The ground is finally frozen...Stay warm!
    All the Best,

  5. Oh my! I would really be fussing by the 4th day of a snow storm! I can't make myslef stay home more than 24 hours at a time. I am impressed.