Monday, January 2, 2012

Blizzard + Freezing = Baking

You want to believe it when I say
"Baby, it's cold outside".....I am not talking about any Christmas song!
Mother Nature decided to whip up a huge blizzard today.

This is the scene looking down my driveway.  
This is as far as I got from the door, didn't want to get my new fancy schmancy camera wet!
And besides, its freezing outside.

So what is a girl to do when it is storming?

Bake of course!

You would think that with millions of recipes to choose from on the internet
or the hundreds of baking options in blogland,
I really only have one true recipe book.

I have been baking from these recipes for years...and years.
Tried and true.
It's a comfort know like an old housecoat or warm fuzzy socks.

When there is a blizzard outside, I love watching it from the comfort of my sofa, 
relaxing with a warm cup of tea and baking bread in the oven.

Welcome to the great white north....sigh!




  1. Perfect choice to a snowy, cold day. We just had some blowing snow this morning which has cleared away.

  2. Oh I hope that storm is not coming our way in Saskatchewan! I can almost smell the aroma in your kitchen.. enjoy your loaf.

  3. Ewww! The sun is shining brightly here and I'm baking anyway! lol Have a great day.

  4. Hi Diane, it's just the same up here in Northern Ontario. Ugh - it's my birthday and I'm debating whether or not to get all bundled up and trek to the mall for something to do, or not, LOL Hope the new year is good to you. Hugs, Chris

  5. Have fun baking! Its mild in Oregon, with rain expected this afternoon. I am waiting for my wheat yeast bread to rise, and am thinking of trying out a recipe for some wheat crackers.

  6. Yes, the wind blows over Lake Huron and we get the snow. It has been snowing and blowing since last night. Perfect day for tea and a treat. I think that I will join you. Have a great day.

    Letters from the Shore

  7. Oh, that's a nasty looking scene there! It's like spring here today but the temperatures dropped tonight. We have no snow at all and the St. John River isn't totally frozen yet. Strange weather. I hope you enjoyed your baking day and the winter view from the couch! :)

  8. Diane, I forgot what a winter scene can look like!
    We lived in Germany for many years and we were used to waking up to very similar weather to what you are having now.
    We had 74 degrees in Texas yesterday! I miss the snow sometimes. I hope you enjoyed your baking day!