Monday, December 12, 2011

What Happiness Means To Me

Things That Make Me Happy.....

My children.

My mom.
My sisters and brothers.

The magic and excitement of Christmas.

A meaningful sermon in Church.

When someone leaves a sweet comment on my blog.

Going to someone's house for dinner.

The sea.

Volunteering my time for those that need my help - either human or animal.

My birthday.

Eating lots of chocolate and not feeling guilty afterwards!

Beautiful interior decorating.
Beautiful blogs.

A really good movie and not wanting it to end.
A good book.

A cup of tea.
My Mom's shepherd's pie.


A road trip.

Photography art.

Oh my, oh my......the list could go on....
but I ran out of pictures!  :)

What makes you happy?



I will be joining these link parties

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  1. Ditto to everything you said and your photos made me happy! Especially the nutcracker ones. =) What makes me happy is seeing the joy in my kids eyes during the first winter snow fall and how they want to rush outside to catch snowflakes on their tongues. =)


  2. What beautiful pictures. I love your dishes in the drainer.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your Christmas decorations. Those dishes are so pretty and look like the ones from Superstore. I bought 4 of the dessert plates with the rabbit and tree on them to go with my snowflake dishes. I think most of the above things you mentioned make me happy too! They are all blessings. Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post! The same things make me happy and many more!
    Love your rooster drainer rack? thingy!