Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a Marshmallow World

This is the view from my bedroom window when I first opened the blinds this morning.

The world was blanket in white snow.

Look a little closer at the bottom of this next picture....

Yeap, you got it....headstones.
I live in a townhouse condo and my end unit is situated right beside a shop that makes them.

As far as I know there are no bodies under those tombstones.

No worries, I have this angelic Christmas angel watching over things.
She doesn't have a name, but I do think she needs one...any suggestions?

I do believe that this snow is here to stay......best get settled in for my winter hibernation!



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  1. I would have no problem living next to a real cemetery. I have often traipsed through them looking up headstones for people around the world trying to find out their family histories.
    Please keep the snow back east. Thank you. It is pretty though.

  2. Oh how pretty, but, I don't want any here! If you and the rest of blogland can just show your beautiful pictures when you get it, that will be good enough for me. Stay warm!

  3. It looks so pretty out side your window Diane. Headstones and all! :) We may get a bit of snow on Thursday but I don't know if it will stay. I know it's going to be a cold weekend though. Brrrr.

  4. Are you sure about no one being in them? Have you ever looked at them to see dates? I find old cemetery's fascinating..wondering about the histories of the people in them...
    Nice pics. I know we had a mild mild Nov, and even early Dec, but I do think winter arriving very soon..don't have snow yet (rain tonight) but by next week they expect it to be in the 30's in the day...nothing says winter like a warm fire in the wood stove and snow outside...
    Pretty pics..

  5. What a great view you have out your window, Diane. Snow always looks so pretty....when you're inside looking out. lol! I'll bet that you see deer out there, too, don't you?

    xxo laurie

  6. Love the snow on the trees. My Outdoor Wednesday is up too.

  7. I love that feeling when you wake up and the world is covered in white fluffy snow. Perfect for curling up and sleeping in!


  8. Looks so pretty--just makes me want to snuggle up! I love it as long as I don't have to drive in it!