Sunday, December 18, 2011

House of the Month

Glamis Castle, Scotland

Glamis Castle, the childhood home of the Queen Mother
and the setting for Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', 
 is situated in the valley of Strathmore, 12 miles from Dundee, Scotland.

It is the home of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne. 
Glamis Castle was the childhood home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, best known as the Queen Mother. Her second daughter, Princess Margaret, was born there. 


The castle, and according to local legend has more dark secrets than any other castle in Scotland. 

Glamis Castle crypt

The most famous legend connected with the castle is that of the Monster of Glamis, a hideously deformed child born to the family. In the story, the monster was kept in the castle all his life and his suite of rooms bricked up after his death.

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Another famous ghosts residing in the Castle is Lady Grey.
John Lyon, 6th Lord Glamis, married Lady Janet Douglas, daughter of the Master of Angus.


In December 1528 Janet was accused of treason for bringing supporters of the Earl of Angus to Edinburgh. She was then charged with poisoning her husband, Lord Glamis, who had died on 17 September 1528. Eventually, she was accused of witchcraft, and was burned at the stake at Edinburgh 


There is a small chapel within the castle with seating for 46 people. 
One seat in the chapel is always reserved for the "Grey Lady", the ghost of Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis.
  The chapel is still used regularly for family functions, but regardless, no one is allowed to sit in that seat.

The Dining Room

The Queen Mother

With consent from HM, The Queen,
the wedding dress of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was on display at the castle from April to October of 2011.

Lady Elizabeth married HRH Prince Albert The Duke of York,
later to become the King of England after the abduction of his elder brother, King Edward VIII.

The then, Duchess of York with Princess Elizabeth (HM The Queen).

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  1. What an interesting post and history of this beautiful castle. Lots of skeletons in those royal closets!

  2. Thank you for the history lesson and the beautiful pictures. I enjoyed them very much. Kathi

  3. What a wonderful post! Beautiful castle!

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  5. Glamis is a wonderfully peaceful place to visit on a warm summer day. The air is so pure.
    The nearby town is quaint and very enjoyable. Stories of ghost abound. Love that place!
    Everyone should visit Scotland at least once in their lifetime.