Friday, December 9, 2011

A Home for Christmas

As most of you know my son and daughter volunteer their time at the local animal shelter.

Home to dozens of adorable dogs and sweet cats waiting on a new family.

No worries, they don't stay long, they get adopted fairly fast.

Aren't they just precious!

I volunteered to let some of the animals stay with us over the holidays when the shelter is closed.

Not sure how many I will end up with.

But that's okay, any and all are welcome in our home.

With my kids, friends, family, gifts, turkey dinner and these adorable little pets milling around the house,
it should prove to be an interesting few days!

These sweet little critters deserve a sweet little home at Christmas.




  1. Oh I love seeing these precious babies. Good for your son and his wife. They need good people. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!!1

  2. Diane, YOU ARE THE BEST! Every dog that I have is a rescue, except for one. I love them all, but these rescues make the most wonderful pets ever! Tell your children how wonderful they are, too! Will the dogs be staying at the Swedish house, country house, or which do ya'll celebrate at? I'm sure they will love it, which ever house it is! Lol, just had to ask.

  3. Bless you! There is a special place for you in heaven. Have you seen the Hallmark Christmas movie, A Dog Named Christmas? You MUST watch that! Same thing you are doing.

  4. Diane, this is so touching! I know you are proud of your son and daughter in law! I trap, spay/neuter, release and feed feral cats! It's so sad that animals are so mistreated! You're a good mom and raised a good son! Merry Christmas!

  5. What a true Christmas spirit your family is showing by fostering over the season! ~ Maureen