Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Elegant Blog

I have started another new blog.

 I absolutely love inspirational pictures.

Laura Ashley

Over the last year, I have collected several pictures.
If I could I would post these pictures every day, but find I have other things I want to blog about as well.

What's a girl to do?
Start another blog devoted to all things beautiful!
Inspirational pictures.  
Beautiful photography art.

Period houses and their history.

Even a little bit of fun with fashion.....

and food.

Hope everyone will come and visit me over at 




  1. Your second house, Waddesdon Manor is not far from us. We go there a lot, it is so beautiful, and would you believe it was built as a weekend place!

  2. Hi,
    Wow... am travelling to Ontario! Cool thing in bloggin is that you could visit anywhere in the hemesphere.

    Love your posts. I been drooling, spec the first photo of Laura Ashley. I wish, when I grow up §:-) I love to have the bedroom. It might not a pink room without a white one. "U wish" great hubby (GH) whispered.

    Greetings from a slippery & freezing Stockholm,

  3. Great idea Diane! I'll see you there.

  4. Hello Diane
    Oh how I love pretty things too, but those shoes are to die for...If only I had younger feet to go into those pretty red/white "picnic table cloth" wedges!!!
    I am on my way to your new blog...
    Thank you for your visit...