Sunday, December 11, 2011

Building An Ornament Empire

One of my first blog posts a year ago, was the history of my Christmas ornament collection.
Read about it here

Bought at Kohl's this year.

Not only do I explain away about my collection,
but there is a pic of a much younger me and my sweet, little daughter.

Bought at Bronners - the PLANET'S largest Christmas store

In a nut shell.....the history begins with 22 year old Diane, living on her own for the first time 
and Christmas rolls around - no tree, no ornaments, no lights, no HO HO,  no nothin'!
I knew I was going home for the holidays, so I didn't bother.....that is until older sister came to visit one day,
and that as they say, was that.

Bought this the year I bought the country house

The ornament empire began.

This guy was bought in Scotland a few years ago.

This year, I am renting a small townhouse condo, while my nice big country house is rented out.

One of the vintage.

I was unable to bring half of my stuff - household items and furniture to my new rental.
Only 1/4 of my Christmas collection came to the new rental.

Another Bronner's piece - the store is in MI, only 2 hours away

I ended up storing all the above mentioned stuff, in a locked room at the back of my country house.
The Tenant was cool with this arrangement. 

One of the Barbies in my collection

To date, I would honestly say I have enough ornaments to decorate 12 trees.

Evening Skaters - Trisha Romance, popular Canadian artist

As most of you know I will be looking for a new home to buy in the Spring, 
that house will have to be able to accommodate these 12 trees.
Bit eccentric I know, but what the heck.....
live and enjoy life now, it's the only one you get!!!!!

"The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet"  from Hallmark collection

 I want, every Christmas to take out every ornament that I have collected over the last 27 years and let them shine!
Wow, 27 years and still going strong.....I love and adore my ornament collection!

Had to buy - she was the same tree top I had as a child

 I have started both my daughter and son on their own ornament collection.

The family tree - a mish-mash of love and memories.

Tell me about your ornament empire.

My fav!



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  1. I also started collecting ornaments when I was in my twenties. I was living in California and always returned home to New York Christmas, so I never put up a tree, but I always purchased ornaments when I returned. This went on for about 20 years, until I finally moved back east with husband and son, bought a home and a huge, wide 9ft tall tree which happily holds all 1000 of my ornaments - each of which I lovingly unwrap from its tissue paper and place on the tree. Every Christmas long forgotten memories overwhelm me as I decorate the tree, and I am always amazed at how a simple ornament can trigger such strong emotions and feelings.

  2. And here I thought I had a lot of ornaments!!! I don't have many collections, but Christmas 'stuff' is certainly one thing I collect. I adore Christmas, and what better way to enjoy it than to surround yourself with loved ornaments collected over the years!

  3. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous ornies! I love mine and I have some super ones vintage and all, but yours are exquisite. I adore ornament collecting, my tree is full with memorie ones too, vintage and etc. since 1975, our first Xmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours. FABBY

  4. I love that you went from having a "collection" to an "Empire." Well-done and well-documented. Christmas is so much fun, especially decorating and greeting our old friend ornaments as we unwrap them and hang them on our tree. Yours is beautiful. Thanks for sharing/posting. Merry Christmas ~CJ

  5. Diane you have some very pretty ornaments in your collection and your tree looks lovely. I love the scottish sheep! Too cute! I have had a large collection of ornaments but have given some away and some to my kids which were theirs over the years. I prefer my vintage collection right now so the others are packed away. I did buy 2 new little ones this year - a glass bird and a vintage looking post card one. :) Have a great week! Hugs, Pamela

  6. You have some great ornaments and great memories as well. We, too, collect ornaments but ours is a 42 year collection. It has to be really special for me to buy new ones for our tree is sooo full! Love your tinsel as well -- we tinsel ours and use big colored lights. It's an old fashioned tree and I LOVE the old fashioned look!

  7. Hello Diane
    You have a wonderful collection of ornaments. I only kept a couple from when we used to have a large tree and my favourite is a miniature old fashioned sled.

  8. Hi Diane, I have collected Hallmarks for years and years and have the Barbie you are displaying. I love them all. I also collect ornaments of different makers.

    Yours are lovely!


  9. Love, Love all your ornaments! I have also collected mine for years.

  10. Diane,
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely ornament collection at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time