Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas

I can almost hear Elvis singing that!

As my house is starting to get dressed for Christmas and I am knee high in boxes, I though I would spread some Christmas beauty.

Mark & Spencers

Mark & Spencers

Cath Kidston

To me, Christmas would not be Christmas without pyjamas and slippers under the tree.

Every year daughter and I always make small homemade gifts for family, this year it is felt ornaments.


And of course, the oven is always baking something.


There was a time when I could merrily have marshmellows with hot chocolate, but these days it's all about the weight thing.  
What the heck....nobody look....think I will just this once throw a few in!

You always know it Christmas time when the stores start to sell eggnog....I just love, love the stuff!
When we were little we use to make it home-made.  It was the most delicious drink in the world, except when brother made it....there were always egg shells in it!

applestonecottage blog

I just love this picture.  As most of you know I am in the wedding industry and even though I have seen millions of them, I still love wedding dresses.
Check out the baby booties on the tree....aren't they precious!
Loving the entire Christmas tree.


Oh, why can't everyday be like Christmas!



I will be joining up at these parties

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  1. That Christmas tree is beautiful...I would have never thought to hang cards on my tree...if I had known I would have kept them all from previous years. Now I only get e-cards. :-(

  2. I made homemade egg nog last year for the first time. Oh my, it was utterly heavenly and pretty easy to make. I think I'll try it again for this years Christmas party =) I love your Christmas images....beautiful!

  3. It made me smile that I was shown cushions available from Marks and Spencer in the UK by a Canadian blogger! Thank you, I will go and have a look at those.
    That tree is so pretty, in fact this post has made me feel quite festive!

  4. I'm like you, oh how i wish every day could be like Christmas!
    Lovely images today and I love the felt ornaments.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Such wonderful images you've shared, and I agree, I love finding a nice pair of flannel jammies under the tree!
    Happy REDnesday,

  6. What is the answer to your question? :)


    Just a pinch of scarlet
    To liven up the place;
    Just a hint of ruby
    Brushed upon your face;
    Just a bit of cherry
    Dancing round your toes;
    Just some sanguine colors—
    That’s the way it goes!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Autumn’s rubies here and here

  7. Sweet Christmas red! I love it! But, I have to be honest, it's the fact that it only comes once a year that makes it so special. (I know, I'm a killjoy.) Thanks for all the pretty Christmas pictures.

  8. I just found your blog by Rednesday. I love all the Christmas photo's! I just love this time of year. The Christmas felt decorations are just lovely. That hot chocolate looks really good :) I do miss egg nog, I can't seem to find it over here in England. I use to have it every year in Canada, around this time of year though.

  9. Wonderful inspiration thanks for sharing.

  10. I just got my Cath Kidston catalog this week - I LOVE those slippers! (But, not the price!) Those felt ornaments are so pretty! I absolutely love the wedding dress on display - I lost mine in our house fire ten years ago. :( I should keep my eye out at the thrift shops for one!