Monday, November 21, 2011

Which One Should I Choose?

I bought this wrought iron bed over the weekend.
I also bought the bedspread as seen in the picture.

I would like to purchase a quilt to fold and place at the end of the bed.
I am also wanting to get matching pillow shams and pillows.

I love bedding from JC Penny and am looking to purchase the quilt and pillows from there.

I need your help!

Which should I choose.  I would love it if you would give me your input.


Choice #1
The Toile Garden

Love the quilt, but not sure how I feel about the pillow shams.

Choice #2
The Trina

Not sure if this only comes in a bedspread.  Will have to check that out.

Choice #3
The Vivienne

Choice #4
American Living

I am a sucker for gingham!

Choice #5
The Eloise

Choice #6
 The Giselle

 Choice #7
 The Isobelle

 Choice #8
 The Malorie

 Choice #9
 The Marissa

Choice #10
The Oriana

I have been looking at these choices all weekend and can not decide.
So I thought I would get some input from my blogging friends.
Thanks so much 



  1. Yep I like #2 as well...colors of flowers look similar to the border color on the bedroom wall.

  2. Nice old bed! Since the room is quite small and it's wall papered I'd go with something that's not too busy. I like # 6 because it's soft and coordinates with the wall paper and # 10 because I love the colours and it's quite country to go with the old bed. You'll have to show us which one you chose. Good luck!

  3. Am I the only one that LOVES #6 Giselle? I'm all about soft, pink, pastels.
    Nice to meet another Canadian blogger. Where are you in Ontario? I'm close to Ottawa and Montréal, but I say Ottawa, lol.
    Happy Birthday to your mom. And of course a cup of Timmy's coffee ; )

  4. Hi Diane, I would pick # 1 I love Toile!!
    Thanks for sharing all that lovely bedding.

  5. #1 and #4 are my favorites but they might be too busy for the wallpaper so I would probably go for #2. I love posts like this! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today!

  6. How would one choose they are all beautiful,but I think I would go with the 3rd one Trina.I love its soft colours, and the way the wee flowers trail off.
    Have fun...and the bed is lovely.

  7. I adore #6. The colors are beautiful! It would look lovely on the iron bed.

  8. I would pick #4, but use the reverse side (the gingham) because the big pattern would fight with the wallpaper - unless you're planning to remove the wallpaper??

    I think the red/burgundy would be spectacular in that room and the small pattern would be the perfect balance to the wallpaper pattern.

    Can't wait to see what you choose. I'm in the same boat with my bedroom makeover, can't find a duvet cover that I like...