Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thrifty Little Find

Last evening while my son was getting his hair cut, I strolled over to the building next door.
Look what little treasures I picked up.

$2.00 a piece.

While I was in a bit of a hurry, I did notice these sweet Pyrex dishes.
At first I overlooked them, but I kept coming back to them.
I decided they best come home with me.

Put them on the counter, under the microwave shelf.
I love how they are green and white, they are flowing in with my Christmas decor in the kitchen.

The top dish I filled with sweets.

I'm glad I ended up purchasing these, I was just about to leave with-out them.



I will be joining these parties.

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  1. Great deals on your classic pyrex and what cute sizes too.

  2. Cute; love the way they nest on the counter and can be used for storage and not just serving.
    I remember these my Mom had a whole set...I had a piece or two back when my kids were learning to wash dishes...I think the bowls were a casualty of that time period.

    I like the avocado color-- and flower.


  3. This is a good old pattern from the 70's - popular when I was married. I had some in that colour and the butterfly gold. You got a really good deal on them! Hard to believe that 70's stuff is considered vintage already!!

  4. I have found some pretty nice things in the Goodwill. The one in Kitchener had fantastic Christmas items this year.

    Thrifting is the best!

  5. They are the kind of thing that brings back lots of memories for people. So retro. Pass the candy please.

  6. OMG! I have never seen them this cheep. You scored.

  7. Thanks so much for visiting -- I am following you too. My mother had some of those Pyrex casseroles. I wish I still had them!

  8. Those are really cool! I love that color!
    Blessings, Joanne