Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life as a Landlady

One day I am not a Landlady and then shazam, the next day I am!
I have rented out my country house.

Back in September I started renting a condo in Stratford,  my son is finishing his last year in high school here.  
From our country house it was a two hour commute - one way.
Renting a place in Stratford for this time period made sense.

Wm. Shakespeare in the gardens along the Avon River in Stratford

I was going to keep the country house open for us to go home on weekends.  
However, those weekends never really happened.  We got too busy to head up there every weekend.
Or what was I going to do with the house during the winter?  Winter driving is not one of my forte.
The house was sitting empty day in and day out.

Pearl the Landlady - Will Ferrell's daughter

 So I thought I might as well rent it out.
Never been a Landlady before.
I put an ad on Kijiji.  I got 1025 hits in three days and tons of emails.
Felt a little overwhelmed with the response.

my country house

I did choose a tenant.  It was a fairly easy decision.
Very nice single mother raising three children.
So far so good.  She is the nicest lady, pays her rent on time.  Decorated the house nicely.
Her dad is an award winning gardener, so the gardens are looking good.

So what is next for me?

new home?

Not really sure which route I will take when my son graduates high school in June.
I am thinking of buying another house, and continue to rent out the country house.
I will again want to stay close to Sarnia.  I love the area.
I look at real estate listing, but don't take it too seriously now.  I will start looking in the spring.
I will, of course, blog of this new journey when it starts.

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  1. I LOVE Stratford - such a pretty town. Haven't been there in years & years though. I swear I know your house as well! I lived in London for 13 years and was all over Southwestern Ontario back then, especially the back roads. Enjoy your time in Stratford!

  2. I have always heard such nice things about that area.
    I hope your rental experience goes well.
    I look forward to seeing your home buying journey in the spring.

  3. How is it that I'm just today coming across your blog??? No worries....I'm here now and have just become one of your newest followers :)