Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haunted Halloween Stories

Countdown to Halloween
13 Days


It's spooksville month and what would Halloween be without a good spooky story....or two!

**For those skirmish at heart, this may not be for you.**
What I am about to tell you are true stories.


Ghosts In My Community

Can you spot the ghost?  Or..... does he spot you?

What I am about to tell you are facts and figures you will not find on the internet, these are folklore that only us locals know...we know what really happened, we know the truth!

The Haunted Movie Theatre

Let us start with the ghost haunting the small town, Listowel, ON movie theatre.
 Back in the mid 1800's a young beautiful woman was courting a local boy.
She lived in the apartments above the local movie theatre. 
Their courtship was coming to an end.

Listowel, ON haunted movie theatre

But her beauty is what eventually meet her demise.
He was a jealous man, figured if he couldn't have her, no one else could.
He murdered her and dismembered her body along the rail road tracks in town.
Tragic to think that these kinds of horrific tragedies are still happening two centuries later.

To this day, she haunts those apartments and the downstairs theatre.
Some say that you can feel her presence when you are watching a show.
Goes without saying, you might not want to see a scary movie at that particular theatre!
The Argyle Street Haunted House

This house also happens to be in the same small town that the haunted threatre is in,
it is just a block away.

We lived here once, but Mr. Ghost drove us out!  True Story

Coincidence or is this somehow related to haunted threatre ghost lady?
Is this the house her demented killer lived in?
How do I know this house is haunted - because I lived there!!
For the full story go here.
But I can tell you that one very scary night,
I heard heavy boots going down our back staircase....just me and my babies in the house that night.
That ghost drove me and my babies out of that house - word of truth!

The Haunted Play Room

 Back in 1980's, I was a young woman working for the Provincial Government.
One day my boss asked me to go pick up photos from an owner of a huge mansion in Baden, ON.  

Castle Kilbride.  Haunted mansion.

 That was my only job that day, go pick up some pictures and bring them back to the boss.
When I arrive, I meet the owners.  
The husband was a very nice older gentleman that loved to talk.
The wife, Louise Livingston, the heiress to this mansion, might have said half a dozen words the entire time I was there.
They gave me on a tour of the big house, I was there also three hours.

Years later I understand why she was quiet and just wanting to move away from that house - must be difficult growing up with a ghost in the house.

The mansion was definitely haunted.  I am all of 22 years old and I knew right away there was something stalking that house that shouldn't be!

Castle Kilbride, Baden, ON

While on the tour of the mansion, they talked about its history.  
More so, he talked about it, she just came and went.
Well into our tour, we are on the very top floor of the house, the cupola.  A look out of sorts.
Up to this point she was with us, she abruptly leaves.  I am confused by this sudden departure.

 He explains that there use to be a nursery just below this part of the house. 
A very thin and steep staircase separated these two floors.
A young toddler while climbing up the stairs, accidently fell to his death.

Do you see him....or more importantly, does he see you?

This ghost child can be heard giggling and running around between both floors.
He favours the cupola.  He looks out from the windows.
What is he watching?  Who is he waiting for?
Gives you goosebumps doesn't it?

Today the mansion is a museum and open to the public.
I have taken a tour of it twice.  Both times I was with the guided tour and there was no mention of this tragic death or the haunted play room.

My son and I this past summer. Giving him the true tour of Castle Kilbride.

Each time me and my children visit the mansion, 
I give them the true tour.
I tell them the truth about this haunted dwelling.

So....tis the season of spooky stories.....do you have a ghost in your community??



I will be sharing my ghost stories over at lollipops for What I Love Wednesday


  1. Great stories Diane. I remember reading your personal experience here last year. It would be very unnerving. In Fredericton there is rumoured to be a ghost near Christ Church Cathedral of Bishop Medley's wife, I believe. In summer there are ghost walk tours at dusk. That's the only one I know of.

  2. I love these stories that just the locals know. It would be fascinating to visit a haunted house.

  3. These houses are amazing and I love the stories that go with them. We have The Union Hotel in Flemington where the Lindburg baby trials took place decades ago. It is said that there are ghosts on the upper floors. The hotel is currently vacant but is soon to be restored into a working hotel again. Can't wait to here about the ghost stories!
    Marianne :)

  4. I am passing this post along to my daughter who is in Arizona right now, touring different haunted towns before she goes to a conference in Phoenix. Local lore is so interesting.

  5. Great Stories!! I don't know of any haunted places in the town where I live right now, but I have a true spooky story I'm going to post on my blog for Halloween next week!