Friday, October 7, 2011

Future Enchanted Home

I have been planning my future retirement home for several nows.
I am hoping to retire completely from my business within the next five years.
Walk with me through the steps and plans of my future enchanted home.


My current home that I own is approximately 30 minutes to Sarnia.
I bought my home for the sole purpose of its location.  In the future I plan to sell it and move even closer.
For two reasons - the location and the water.
Sarnia is a USA border town.
The beautiful St. Clair river stretches between Sarnia, On and Port Huron, MI and flows into Lake Huron.

I absolutely love this area and would never dream of settling anywhere else.
I am most happiest when I am by the water and America.
The town of Sarnia is a bustling metropolitan with all the major box stores and amenities that I need.
The same can also be said of Port Huron.

The Bluewater Bridge that lets us pass between two great countries.

The History

I have had a 35 year love affair with America.
I was 14 and my mother brought us to visit our Aunt and Uncle in Missouri. My first time in the US.
The year was 1976, America's bicenntenial.
There were American celebrations everywhere, historical reenactments, flags on every was an exciting time for America and for me!

Skipping ahead to the year 2001, my first summer as a single mother.  
No money and my children needed some sort of summer vacation.  What was I to do?
After the mortgage and bills were paid I had exactly $390 to spend.  
Where in the world could I go with that little amount of money?
Spur of the moment, I decided to cross the nearest US border.
It was Port Huron, MI.
  We camped in a State Park along the shores of Lake Huron.  We discovered budget restaurants and gas was cheap.
First time I saw my babies smile in a long time.

It was also the year of the horrible 9/11 attacks.  We felt the sad grief the US nation was under.
But still Michigan open its arms to this traumatized mother with two small children.
Ever since that summer of 2001, my children and I go to MI every month for a relaxing weekend.  
Now my children are having a love affair with America!

The House

So, now we have the location and the history.
Let's get me a house!
Hmmm...I am thinking the above mansion is just a bit too grand for me.....think I will move on to Plan B!

My darling daughter is an Architecture student at a local University here in Ontario.
So it goes without saying that her life revolves around studying designs of skyscrapers, developing construction and building houses.
Over the last several years we talk about designing a home for me for when I retire.

This has always been my favourite.

I want a bungalow so I don't have too many stairs.  
Must have a humongous dining room so I can accommodate my large family (brothers and sisters) when they all come for holiday dinners.
Would like a large country kitchen so I can accommodate my enormous dinnerware collection.
And I need lots of rooms so I can display my vast collection of Christmas trees.
When you are a collector and my age, you have a lot of stuff!  Just sayin!

I would like to built my house along the St. Clair river, and fairly close to the town of Sarnia.

Darling daughter on the shores of the St. Clair river this past summer, Sarnia, On.

The price of vacant lots go for $60,000 to $150,000 depending on size and location.

Darling son and daughter chatting away the day along the shores of the St. Clair river in Sarnia, On

And of course because we live so close to the border, all my American blog friends are more than welcome to visit with me at my new house.  Tea is always brewing.
And all my Canadian blog friends - no worries, I have a Tim Hortons close by! Eh

The St. Clair river from the other side in Port Huron, MI




  1. What a beautiful plan! sounds like you have it covered!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Sounds like a great plan. Those pictures are gorgeous I love the water!

  3. I have saved a house plan for years. Every time I go back and look at it I see that it is still perfect. I hope you get it.