Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Reminiscing 2010

Countdown to Halloween
16 Days

Ontario highway, leaves just starting to turn

So often these days as I am driving about and am surrounded by the beauty of Fall, I think of this time last year.
Last year we lived out west in Kamloops, BC.  We lived there for eight months.

Fall Reminiscing 2010

It was one year ago October, Fall season and close to Halloween.  
We had lived in BC maybe two months at this point.  
And as hard press as I was to find some, fall foliage was not in abundance.

Pumpkin patch, Kamloops, BC 2010

No doubt the beauty of the magnificent mountains were surrounding me.
And as breath-taking as the scenery was, I still could not get distracted by the fact that I could not find lots of trees turning orange, yellow or red.
Living in Ontario my entire life, I was starting to realize, I took the autumn for granted.

But, low and behold, I finally came upon a fantastic pumpkin patch.
And all was right with the world!

Farmer's house, Kamloops, BC

The coolest thing...on Halloween day, Kamloops had a parade of zombies - just fantastic!
We stayed in our car during the parade, they would come right up to our vehicle and tap on our window.....kind of spooky!

Zombie parade

As time went on, I did start to feel less and less home sick.
I think it wasn't just the fall foliage I was looking for....I was simply missing my family back home.

But in all honesty, I loved living out West.  
And if I could return and live there again, I would in a heart beat.  
But, maybe I'll wait until after the Fall!

Our condo in BC

This picture was taken from my condo back deck.  
Incredibly beautiful view.

This is a picture of my family room in the condo.
Notice the beautiful scenery from the deck.  
When it was warm enough, I would have my tea out there.

Present Day

Ontario farm.  Sweet fall display/decor.

Home sweet home.
Let's just say, I am spending a lot more time in my car these days driving around the country side.
Camera always beside me.

And once it stops raining today, think I will take a few pics for you all to see.



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  1. That is one thing all easterners miss in the west - the different colors of fall. Glad you are settled in fall in Ontario again where you can enjoy the gorgeous fall season. I look forward to your new post of fall pictures. Have fun exploring!