Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas, Dishes and Mom!

Wanting what you need
and needing what you want. 

When I was a young mother, I would look after all the necessity's that I needed to raise my family.
Mortgage, utilities, school stuff, food.

Now that I am entering into my empty nest years
I am finally purchasing the things that I want, but don't necessarily need.
And loving every minute of it!!

I have in my mind, what I want to collect and what treasures I wish to accumulate.
And the big idem on this wish list are dishes.
What is it about dishes??

The above dishes I found this week at the thrift store.
Snowhite Regency by Johnson Bros.
Sweetest pattern, I feel in love with them immediately.  Great for fall dinners.
I bought 7pcs for $3 - that was all they had - bummer.
I am wanting to add this pattern to my dishes I would like to collect list.

I also came across Merry Christmas by the Johnson Bros
I would like to start a collection of this set.
I notice them around blogland last Christmas and was very interested.
Isn't this the pretties scenery on the plate?
Reminds me of my Christmas childhood for some reason....well.... minus the fireplace.

When I was 17, my Mom gave me for Christmas a place setting of
Royal Albert, Poinsettia
Since then, she has given me all the serving pieces and several tea cup and saucer plates.
I have just started to work on getting a 12 placing setting....wish me luck, they are hard to find and very expensive.  If only I could find them in the thrift stores!

Moving onto another must have Christmas dishes.
Lenex, Tartan
Having a bit of a hard time spending $129 per place setting,
but I am doing my best to talk myself into far, I am doing all kinds of talking,
but the brain is shutting it down!
This pattern is so Scotland to me.  When I was 27 I went to Scotland and feel in love with the country.
It's just a feel good pattern to me.

Lets think pink now.
Royal Albert, Serenity, very elegant, classy pattern.
Again back when I was 17, sweet Mom started me on this collection as a gift for my birthday.
She knew how much I loved pink.  So it was only fitting that she bought me the pretties pattern in the shop!
Love you Mom!!

I just love, love, love this pattern.

They have their graceful place of honour in my china cabinet.

And because I love my Mom so much, I have copied her China collection choice.
Royal Doulton, Samarra
Back in the early 70's my Mom started her collection.
I too have started collecting this same pattern, just because it reminds me of her.
Each time I buy a new piece of this pattern I always give her a ring.
She says to me "Diane, this is silly, why don't you just buy something newer"
I just smile.

There are so many beautiful dinner place settings I could collect,
but I know I just have to stop somewhere
....but then again, maybe not!!




  1. Oh, this post is so sweet. It is interesting to see what all you collect and want to collect. Nice idea for a post. I think we all have or want dishes that remind us of family and good times. I have the Merry Christmas by Jo.Brothers, and I see why you love the Tartan pattern. Hope you find lots of it. (in thrift stores!)

  2. I love the Lenox Tartan china. I don't think I've ever seen it before. I have a Poinsetta teacup and mug by Royal Doulton. The antique store in town had all kinds of the Johnson Bros. Christmas china one year. Not sure if he still does. I love it and would like to have just one piece - a plate for sweets or just display - like the one you have. It's fun and expensive to collect china. I guess I'll just have to stick to the odd piece here and there. LOL Pamela

  3. Gorgeous patterns, especially the Lenox Holiday Tartan...if you find dishes you really like you will find storage for them...believe me!

  4. My Mother-in-law has dishes for every season and holiday. She has long since inspired me to do the same.My Christmas dishes are my absolute favorite! No one is allowed to take them out and handle them except me! Since we are a family of butter fingers you can understand why:O) My newest additions were the fall plates I bought this year...I love them!!! I am on the hunt for cups to match the plates. thrift store are my favorite place to try and find these treasures. great post and I love your dishes!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Beautiful collection! Going antiquing today hope I come across some Christmas dishes. Just need one to display. lol

  6. You have shared some very lovely patterns. That is one of the beauties of collecting china, the patterns are so pretty and tempting. My sister gave me a complete set of 12 place settings that came free with the dining set I helped her track down on kijiji. Other than that I so far have lots of white dishes and one 4 place blue and white. But when I reach the time that you speak of, when there is extra money for the 'fun' things, china will be on my list. In the meantime I always keep and eye out at thrift stores and yardsales.

  7. These are all such lovely dish patterns. However, I do love the old fashioned scene on the Johnson Bros dishes.

  8. I also have the Royal Albert Poinsettia - service for 8 and completer set. I've never come across anyone else who has it until now... :)