Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life At The Beach

Our home is a 20 minute drive to Lake Huron.

I bought this house for the sole purpose of being close to the beach.

I would have bought a little closer to the water, but like it is anywhere along any stretch of water, I did not have half million dollars for property along the water.  
So I got the next best thing - a heritage house 20 minutes away.

Last summer we spent pretty much each day on the beach.
This year not as much.  
With daughter Rachel healing, we limit our time to walks along the shore.
But nevertheless, we get out each day.  Sometimes during the day and others at sunset.

I love our summer beach house.
I love the drive to the beach.
I love sandles and flip flops scattered around the house.
I sweep the sand from the floors each day. A grueling task, but I love it nevertheless!

I have been blessed.



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  1. I didn't know you live so close to the lake and that beautiful beach. You are indeed blessed. And, what's a little sand on the floor for a few months out of the year. Enjoy your beach days. Blessing, Pam

  2. Oh Diane, it looks absolutely wonderful there. I miss walking on the beach. Save all that sand you sweep up and make a little zen beach garden with it :)

  3. I love the beach and can't blame you at all for your love of it also. May you continue to enjoy your heritage home and the beach. :-)

  4. I love the beach as well, it looks beautiful there!
    Thank you for your sweet comments. I will have that warm cup of tea :)

    I am your newest follower and look forward to your posts!
    have a good night!

  5. Beautiful pictures! we live not too far from the beach and my kids love it there.
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Wonderful shots! I do love the beach and how lucky you are to be so close. What's a little sand to have this!!! Have a delightful week!

  7. I would be so happy to be close to the beach but I would only want to be so, if I could give up the working life to pursue some living! Hoping that I've only got 10 more years to go so that's no too bad.

    Today is my first visit to your blog but I'm visiting from Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday. Your photos are beautiful.

  8. Anyone who embraces beach living deals with a little (or a lot) of sand now and then. I'd happily sweep sand if I could live by the beach, although I'd prefer slightly warmer waters . . . :-)

  9. I am so excited about our next beach vacation in September. I know what you mean about sweeping up the sand but it's worth it!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  10. I too love to be at the beach (or at least near it) but funny thing is, I haven't been there much this summer either. Great to have your post being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper