Friday, August 12, 2011

Campfire Ghost Stories

Now, I don't want to toot my own horn, but I must confess,
I am the queen of campfire ghost stories.
When the family gets together for our annual camping weekend,
everyone looks to Aunt Diane for the spooky stories that will scare the wits out of them!

Since we have not lost our balmy summer evenings to the brisk Fall yet, join me my blog friends for a spooky story around the campfire.
Warning, this is not for the weak hearted.

Let's start with a true ghost story.
Yes folks, a true ghost story and its mine.

The setting is in small, thriving town of Listowel, On.
An old house, maybe a hundred years old.

And it is haunted.

Several years ago we rented this house.  
It was a beautiful and clean heritage house.  
We enjoyed living there and had no problems.....until one night.  
One quiet, winter night.  
The snow had been falling all day and the snow lay across the property like a beautiful Christmas picture post-card.
It is the wee hours of the night, and the household is fast asleep.
Then around 2:00am in the morning I hear my young son get up to go to the washroom.

 As all mothers know, this happens routinely with young kids.
I listen to him flush the toilet and patter back to his room.
The house is quiet once again.....but for only a short moment.
Then I hear it.....
I hear heavy foot steps on the back stairs, stairs that are only a few steps away from the bathroom.
Sweet Jesus in Heaven, someone is in my house!
Who ever was hiding in the backroom, ran when my son was up and about.
I was terrified!!!
In a heart beat, I am wide awake, up on my feet and grabbing my young son.
I run to my daughters room because her room overlooked the street.
I move a 3 thousand ton wardrobe in front of the door, and call the police.
We wait.  My entire body is shaking.
I keep looking out the window, waiting for the calvary to arrive.
I am waiting and waiting for the Police,
but am terrified to go downstairs to open the front door for them,
just in case.....he is still in the house.
Finally they arrive, must have taken like five hours, or so it felt.
I do know they arrived within minutes after the 911 call, but it felt like forever.
There are three police officers, such kind people.  They search my home top to bottom.  
I told them, check in the basement, please check the basement....those back stairs lead to the basement.  They check the basement.
One police officer went out the back door, told me that there were no footprints in the snow.  
There was no one in my house.  No one.  They check every nook and crannie....nothing.
They left after an hour of searching.
I slept....but with one eye open.
Next day,  one of the same officers  returned to my house and did a brief once over again in the house.... but still nothing.
Best police force on the planet!
What did I hear?  Was there a person in my house....or a ghost?
To this day, I honestly believe that the footsteps I heard that night were that of a ghost.

And as God as my witness, my story is real.
And speaking of God, he was not far away.
A few days later, my young son told me one morning, shortly after this incident, that the night before he saw an Epiphany of Mary, the Holy Mother.  
She appeared outside his bedroom window.  And she was wearing a blue dress.
She did not say a word to him.

 But the message was very clear.  
She was watching over this haunted house and was protecting the family that resided there.
I moved out exactly one month later.  I had lived there only six months.

Are you scared yet?




  1. This one was scary alright! when we lived in an apartment my land lord told us that his late wife was still around letting her presense known. why he told ME that is beyond me...I started feeling that I was never truly alone in that house. Your story sent chills up and down my spine! very very scary to think there is someone in the house. That is one of my biggest fears! looking forward to more stories from you....I'll be the one under the blanket hugging my pillow! ;O)
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. When I was a girl growing up in this town we didn't bother with ghost stories 'cause we had the horror stories of the real live Ed Gein who did his dastardly crimes just a few miles from here. Never heard of him? Oh honey just google he's scary.

  3. Got some holy ghost goose bumps going on here girl...Loved what your son beautiful. You bet she is watching over God's children.!!

  4. WOW!!!!

    Blessed Holy Mother Mary, here to protect us from evil and harm.

    Bless you, hon! How SCARY!!!!!

  5. Hi and wow I am really scared right now! What a story!
    Have a good weekend.
    Julie at