Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Beautiful Bucket List

I can't believe another week just raced on by!

And so the list goes on.... beautiful bucket list...... from last week, where was I......

I want to have my home completely "green".
I don't want any natural gas running through my house.
I will run heat and hydro through solar panels and wind mills.

I want to travel more.
We have traveled three times to Europe, but never got past Great Britain.
I would like to see the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt, the Greek ruins.

At Christmas, I want my house and property to have a spectacular light display.
One year I did such a thing, had lights on every single tree on my property.
My breaker fuse box overloaded and shut down my entire house.
So, will have to get an electrician to set up separate wiring for outside.
I want people coming from all over to see my light display.  Take tours. 
And the cost of admission is food for the food bank.

I want to have 30 Christmas trees decorated in my home.
My father died on the 30th of May, when I was 10.
Each and every May 30, my heart aches just a little bit more.

Last week my friend Shirley from The Gardening Life made a comment that on her bucket list she would like a life time supply of eggnog. do I!

I want to own three houses.  
The one I have here in Canada.
And one in Florida.  Would that make me a "snowbird"?
A few winters ago we vacationed in Florida, 
I knew right then I wanted to spend my winter there.
I am thinking the Titusville area, then I can watch the space ships leave into orbit!
The third house I want is in the country.  I will have a ranch full of horses.

Some day my children will grant me grandchildren.....I can't wait!
I will spoil them as much as I spoiled their parents.


....too be continued next week.....



I will be sharing my list at these parties.

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  1. Those are all such wonderful things to have on a bucket list. I'm enjoying your posts about them.

  2. It's great to have goals. I like your list.

  3. Beautiful list again :)
    My husband wants our home to run off solar panels and windmills as well. I love your idea for Christmas!

  4. What a great post.. I so love the bucket list.. I love that you dont' hold back and things are really exactly how you'd like them.. what a great way to write things down, have them out there, and work on each one!! Have a great Monday!!

  5. pretty sure i want to be a snowbird too:)
    we live in north dakota!

  6. I LOVE eggnog, can't seem to get enough of it around Christmas! Great bucket list!


  7. can i be a part of your family? maybe a long lost cousin? ha! you seem to have a lovely family and fill it with great memories!! LOVES!