Sunday, July 3, 2011

Decorating On A Dime - Part 1

The Dining Room

Here is the empty dining room.
No furniture, no curtains, no pictures, no treasures.
A very lonely room.

The lonely room finally gets a dining table!
I bought this beauty off a seller from Kijiji for $100. 

Act of kind...

This same kind seller gave me the area rug for free .......


these planters (the front veranda I will show the progress of that a later date).
So the planters are two different shades of green...I don't care!  Can you spray paint clay pots??

Still Working On / Shopping For

* china cabinet - trying to find something that speaks "country"

* curtains - I have been on both Etsy and ebay, but having a hard time trying to get curtains that are 105" in length.  Looking for red, brownish red plaid or gingham.

*area rug - I am on the prowl for a 8x10 oval area rug.


A Bit of History 
 We have just returned from living out west.
Our initial plans were to live aboard for 3 years, so we sold all the furniture in our house.
Things changed and we ended up out west for only 8 months.

While I was out there, I started blogging....yippee, best thing I ever did!!
Also, while I was out there, I made the decision to slow down the pace of my business (I rent out linens).
Now that we are back home, I have been enjoying life with my semi-retired status.  
However, now I have to re-decorate an entire 2 story house....on a budget!  
The house is also a heritage house, so I have double the trouble!

Come along with me step by step as I re-decorate my house on a dime.

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  1. Oh, this will be a fun time watching you decorate a two story home on a budget...great looking dining room table/chairs. I wish I were brave enough to sell everything and start over, maybe if I were 20 years younger...

  2. You have the beginnings of a great room!! Anxious for the progress as it comes!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Don't bother painting the pots, just get a 3rd. one in another shade of green and place in nearby in the garden and it will look like a trio of planned different shades.
    One great item to remember when making large curtains are the heavy duty cotton canvas painter's drop cloths.
    Take them to a laundromat (too big for home machines) and give them a wash to soften them up. They are usually about 15' X 12' and you can add trim in other fabrics if you like.
    Now this may not fit into your decor in that room but keep it in mind for the other rooms.
    You can use one of those kits for putting large metal ring holes in it or even sew giant buttonholes at the top big enough to slide a big black curtain rod through.

  4. "Grommets" the large metal ring holes are called grommets. Jeesh. That second sip of coffee got my brain working.

  5. What a great find at Kijiji for the dining set. I've been looking there as well for a hutch. There are lots of amazing bargains out there, keep looking and you will find everything you want.

  6. Okay, I'm really jealous of that table and chairs for $100 :) You outdid yourself!!! Can't wait to see what else you do with your new house!

  7. Diane, that is wonderful that you were able to get that dining set for $100.00! It's beautiful! I wish you all the best with your decorating. At least it's yardsale season and you'll find some good deals at them and on Kijiji. Have a great week! Blessings, Pamela

  8. Incredible dining set, so beautiful, love the chairs...and for $100!!!.....sooooooo very lucky!! Enjoy it! FABBY

  9. Hi Diane, I will really enjoy watching you as you go through this project. Enjoy yourself along the way!

  10. You're dining room is off to a great start. I love bargain decor. It forces you to be creative. As for 105" drapes, perhaps you might have more luck finding 96" and adding a border at the bottom. Good luck! Hope you will stop by and enter my summer giveaway.

  11. Loving the pictures! Lots of inspriation here. I especially love the sweet details and the unclttered look of it all.
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. Loving the pictures! Lots of inspriation here. I especially love the sweet details and the unclttered look of it all.
    Blessings, Joanne