Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Royal Wedding

Zara Phillips, granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth, daughter to the Princess Royal,
married Mike Tindall today in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Back in 1973 Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips.

I remember this being my first royal wedding I watched.  I got up really early that morning to watch it live.  My brothers and sisters thought I was crazy!!

Zara with her father, Mark Phillips.

Zara wears the Meander Tiara, on loan to her from her mother.

Princess Anne wearing the tiara.

Her mother, the Royal Princess, arrives at the church, Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.

The Queen arrives.
The Queen looks so much like my mother!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Zara does not have a royal title.  
When they were born, the Princess Royal opt not to give any of her children either a HRH title or a Peerage title.
Zara is 13th in line to the throne.

The reception is being held at Holyrood House, the official resistance of the Monarch in Scotland.




  1. She made a very pretty bride. I had no idea there was another royal wedding this year. I love the coat dress Kate is wearing!
    Thank you for the pictures. I love weddings!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Beautiful photos- I loved seeing the photo of the Queen- she looked lovely in pink. A wonderful post- thanks so much--

  3. What lovely photos! I love the older ones of Princess Anne with her mother and her former husband. He looks quite old doesn't he? That's neat the your mother looks like the Queen, which makes your mother a beautiful woman! I think the queen has such a lovely face don't you? Zara looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wedding news!

  4. Well I am not much of a royal wedding fan myself but the photos are beautiful and any happy celebration in life is a good thing.

  5. She's a very pretty and elegant bride, although, her mother is very unattractive...her father's quite handsome, though. How nice your mother looks like the queen, we all thought my mil looked so much like her too, she was a beautiful women when young and old, she died at 88, two years ago, I still miss her, she was a very special person. Happy PS, just dropped from it! Hugs, FABBY

  6. I remember Princess Annes wedding as we had just got a colour TV. We were married 2 years before her and Mark Phillips. My wedding dress had long sleeves and high neckline as well. Well it was the 70's and the style for that era.
    Her daughter made a lovely bride, when her mother reached 60 there was aspecial tv programme on interviewing Zara and her brother Peter, what a nice young couple, no airs and graces just down to earth young people.