Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Haunted Portrait

On my recent visit this past weekend to Michigan, I came upon this lovely vintage portrait at a yard sale.

I own a heritage house and thought this picture would fit right in.  

After I bought it and showed it to my children, they both proclaimed immediately that this picture was haunted.  
Since I do not believe in ghosts, I disagreed. 
But on the other hand, I do believe that we are not alone on this planet.  Just because we have not seen them, does not necessarily mean they do not exist. 
Who really knows what exists in this massive Universe.  

With all our art and portraits in our house, we give them names.  My son immediately suggested "Carrie" - named after the Stephen King movie.  However, she just could not get this name - Carrie was not even that popular a name during her time.....Caroline maybe.... but she just didn't look like a Caroline.

Both my children decided that her name was "Lizzie" named after - yes you've got it - Lizzie Borden.  
Lizzie Borden back in the late 1800's murdered her parents with an know the rhyme...40 times, etc, etc.    I remind my children that whoever this woman was, she was alive at one time and probably would not appreciate being named after a brutal murderess.  Needless to say, the name stuck.

Then Lizzie comes home....

I hang the picture on this wall for now.   I am working on purchasing a lovely vintage table/buffet to go with this portrait.

Then.....unexplained things start to happen....


The first morning...

The bathroom in my house is sea and nautical decor.  I have a beautiful waterscape picture hanging there.  I enter the bathroom to find the picture on the floor....unbroken.  Strange...hmmm.  I ask my children...why did the water scape picture come off the wall.  They both claim they did not remove it.  However, daughter explains that she did hear a bang in the middle of the night!!

I put the water scape picture back up on the wall in the bathroom.

....the second morning.......

We are having breakfast....bang....something fell in the bathroom....once again the waterscape picture is back on the floor....again, unbroken.  It just fell off the wall??!!  How in the world did that happen??!!


I think I will just leave the waterscape picture off the wall for now.

I have also noticed small little unusual things around the house since Lizzie arrived home.  

Could the spirit of this woman have followed her portrait?  
Why does my waterscape picture keep falling down?  Did she die in the water? 
I bought the picture in the Lake Huron area....does the lake also hold a secret?  
I bought this picture on the Memorial weekend?  Did she die during the war?  
Was I meant to have this picture? 
Wow....such heavy thoughts, but definitely something to think about.
But no problems, I like the portrait and I welcome Lizzie.  
She will grace the walls of my long as she behaves!

You tell this coincidence or is the picture haunted?



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  1. Ohhhh! That's a mystery indeed. It kind of creeps me out though :-) I hope poor Lizzie settles down and enjoys her new home. But that painting falling twice sure is a mystery. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Well....that is an interesting coincidence!! First I can't believe someone sold that at a garage sale! Lizzy should be happy she found such a nice new home to live in.
    In your one picture of the portrait in the hallway there is a shadow on the left side of the picture...could that be Lizzy too :)
    Have fun with the portrait!

  3. Isn't it amazing the cool stuff we can find at yard sales? Now, I'd have to give Lizzie a few more chances and then if she keeps up her antics, I might have to sell her at a yard sale myself. Maybe that's why we can find such cool stuff at yard sales?

  4. Mmmmm I am glad you didn't name her Caroline! Stranger things have happened and they have happened to my family! I must say I am sitting all alone in my home while I am reading your post and and the hair on my arms is standing up. keep us updated on Lizzie's behavior.

  5. Wow, That is spooky...I couldn't keep it no way! That's just me though. Keep us updated on whether you keep it or not...honey you are braver than me lol! I'd say if any other wierd things start to happen ditch it. lol!

  6. I just linked my creepy estate sale find up with Sherry and saw we had something in common....YIKKES the difference is mine is just a joke, yours is really creepy! Take a look, I bet your kids would like it


  7. I think her face is entirely too sweeting to be haunting, and she's just mad about being named Lizzie. Why, she doesn't even know what to DO with an ax.

    If you change her name to that of a heroine, say Theresa (as in mother) or Wonder (as in woman) all your banging and clanging will cease.

    At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

  8. I think the picture may be haunted! I tried clicking on this post three times and each time I was told my computer had stopped working. The fourth time worked. Thank you, and Lizzy, for joining my party.

  9. Thanks for sharing a great story. Sounds like a short story Poe would write!

  10. That's what you get for naming her after a potential murderer :). It may just be haunted though. I totally get weird feeling about certain items in antique stores. Maybe put her outside for a night and see if that cools her off.

  11. That is such a cool painting...your Lizzie doesn't have the look of a haunted woman.