Friday, June 10, 2011

Famous Movie Weddings

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Famous Movie Weddings


Four Weddings & A Funeral

I have watched this movie a dozen times and I still fall off my chair laughing at this scene.
Brand new priest (Rowan Atkinson) performing his first wedding ceremony.  Hilarious!!

BBC Pride and Prejudice

A double wedding.
One of the most romantic novel and movie of all time.  Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.
In this scene,  Darcy, Lizzy, sister Jane and Mr. Bingley

Sense and Sensibility

Another brilliant romantic novel and movie is Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility.
Marianne finally finds love with Colonel Brandon.


Amongst the blood and victory, William Wallace and the woman he loves secretly marry to avoid the awful "Nobleman's rights".
"Braveheart" is one of my most favorite movies.  I think I have always been in love with Mel Gibson!

While You Were Sleeping

Lucy picks the right brother in the end!
Such a funny, romantic movie.  The family cracks me up!!

Laws of Attraction

Two New York battling divorce lawyers fall in love in beautiful Ireland.

Made of Honor

Two best friends finally find love for each other.

Forrest Gump

Forrest finally gets Jenny!
One of the best movie of all times.  I so love this movie.

There are so many wedding scenes in some great movies, and it was hard to narrow down just a few....but these are my favs!!

Congratulations to all those getting married and to those that already are.

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  1. Cute collection of movie wedding pictures!

  2. Such a delightful post. Yes, Forrest Gump was such a great movie.
    many blessings!

  3. What a great post! I love 'Sense and Sensibility''s one of my favorite movies and I was so happy for Marianne and Col. '4 Weddings and A Funeral' has also been a favorite of mine for years! i love that scene with Rowan Atkinson too!

  4. Great film selection! Love weddings too!


  5. Some of my favorite the romance!! I think 4 weddings and while you were sleeping my favorites... great post!

  6. Hi Diane, I'm glad you found my blog. Thanks so much for posting my giveaway on your side bar. I'm your newest follower too. I was reading a few of your posts. You now live in Ontario? It looks like you might have an older home with great architecture? Would love to see more pics; I only caught a small glimpse of the stairs.
    Slowing down is good. Enjoy the time with your family.
    I enjoyed this wedding post. Most movies I've seen, but a few I must add to my list.
    Talk to you soon.
    ~ Julie

  7. These are some of my favorites too! Especially the Jane Austins.

  8. Hello Diane! I'm so happy that you were able to join us for the Wedding Blog Party fun! I love your post about famous weddings in the cinema!! My favs are Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, too. There is just something magical about the costuming in those movies. Loved Forest Gump, While you Were Sleeping, but I never saw all of Braveheart!! Need to watch that one. Did you ever see the original version of Father of the Bride with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy? I think you would love it, too!

    Thanks so much for joining and sharing with us all! My out of town relatives are gone now, so I'm free to visit and revisit everyone's lovely wedding posts!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. Oh, I love the wedding in Forrest Gump!! :-)