Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Country House in "Signs"

As I plug away each day decorating my house, I pour my love of vintage and country decor into my hertiage house.

One house that gives me great inspiration would have to be the house from the movie "Signs". 
Starring handsome Mel Gibson.  Directed by genius M. Night Shyamalan.  

The rambling two story was built for the purpose of this movie, as well as the crop of corn, on 40 acres rented out from the Delaware Valley College, Pennsylvania.

In the story Mel plays a priest who struggles with his faith after the tragic death of his wife.  
He lives with his son and daughter, along with his brother.
One morning they wake to find crop circles on their farm, and eventually they have to defend their home from aliens trying to invaded them.

His brother lives in a room above the garage.

I love this movie, but I fell in love with the decor.  
A cozy household with home written all over it.



Love the quaintness of the kitchen.  
A room that could hold long hours of conversations around that table with a cup of tea.

Some shots of the dining room

The master bedroom

I look around my own house and see decor from this movie that has inspired me.

My vintage stepping stool.  
Now have a look at the red stepping stool in the movie's kitchen.

In my living room I have a vintage Roxton cane chair.

Check out the one used in the master bedroom.

Taking refuge in the basement during the attack.  Check out the vintage treasures!

Even after the attack on their home, the country home stood tall.  
Some broken windows and some furniture knocked about, however the lovelies were dusted off and moved right back into place.
I just love the look of this classic country charm.

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  1. Diane - you've hit upon one of my absolute favourite films here! I saw Signs in a crowded cinema aged 16 and the atmosphere was incredible - people jumped and gasped at the same moments and the were plenty of 'Awwwws' over Bo and Morgan :-)

    As someone who loves rooms to be airy and bright, full of light colours I'm always surprised at how much I love the downstairs rooms of the house from Signs as they're deeper, richer shades. You're absolutely right - the whole place yells 'homely'!

    Jem xXx

  2. I barely remember that movie but I think it was scary for me. LOL I love your step stool and the ladder back chair! Can't wait to see your decorating! Have a great week. Pamela

  3. I didn't see the movie, but the house looks very cozy and homey. Love some of your vintage items, too.

  4. Hi Diane! Thank you for joining my party this week and sharing bits of your lovely home. Now I need to rent this movie.

  5. Here's a tid bit of info for you. There is a store in Haddonfield New Jersey called Patricia of Mulica Hill. I was shopping there one day when I over heard the owner saying M Knight Shamalon came into her store and purchased allot of the items seen in the movie. Furniture curtains knick knacks. Love this movie!!