Monday, June 13, 2011

Choosing Husband #2

Since it is the season of love and marriages, 
let us have a look at who might be a good choice for me for husband #2.

Having been married once before, I will want to get it right the second time around.

Let's have a look at some of my options....


George Clooney

Okay....he would be everyone's choice, but he is just to beautiful. 
I would always be starring at him!!

Don Cherry....Mr. Hockey Night In Canada

Nope.....just not my type.  Beside, I am going to bet I would never get a word in edgewise!!

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

I am sure I would make a great Duchess of York and I think that Andrew would be a kind and easy person to fall in love with.  However I do not want Sarah Ferguson hanging over our marriage.....and you know she would!!

Mel Gibson

Yes, yes and double yes!  
But, can I live with that temper?.....darn it, I just love this man....
...okay.....let's try again...

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hmmm....maybe not, I'm too old to have a baby. 

Hmmm...well that didn't work....let's go to Plan B

Now that we have exhausted who's who, let's go with what's what..

A Cowboy

Well, I have lived out West and although I saw tons of Cowboys, I just didn't meet any.  Maybe I should have bought a horse?

A Rocket Scientist

Well, let's would be a smart idea to marry one, however he might be a tad too smart for me.

The Nice Man Next Door

Pic from Internet

A good choice for me I am sure -  a kind, sweet, loving man next door - with lots of money.  
However, the only problem I am never home to meet him.  
I am either Globe Trotting or living elsewhere.
P.S. ... oh boy...even the man next door looks like Mel - the heart wants what the heart wants!


Okay all you matchmakers out there....who would be your choice for me to marry the second time around??




  1. This is a funny post but also serious as you seem to be ready to settle down again. I don't have any suggestions for you but I do wish you well in your search, that you find just the right man for you. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Cute post...the right man will show up when you least expect him to!

  3. You'll most likely meet the right man when your not looking. lol

  4. The only one above that I would even consider is George Clooney. The man has an estate on the shores of Lake Cuomo in Italy for pete's sake.
    He is smart, funny, generous, politically active and scandal free from what I know.
    And did I mention he has an estate on the shores of Lake Cuomo in Italy???????? NUF SAID.

    Too funny, the hockey game just ended and Don Cherry is yapping away in a gold jacket with what looks like leaves all over it. Gah....

  5. I loved reading your post.. I think all the choices had potential at one point....Living in the US, not sure who Don Cherry is.. but I couldn't live with that wardrobe...(LOL)... My choice is to wait it out and he'll all of a sudden be there when you least expect it!!

  6. Had so much fun looking at your fun post, wish I can choose Mel for you like in a catalog! LOL! Well, you're a young and pretty lady, soon the right man will show up, put a pic of Mel for example, only!) in your "Wish Board"...believe me, in the last 2 years, I've gotten 3-4 wishes come thru! Lots of hugs, FABBY