Friday, May 13, 2011

BC finds a home in Ontario

After almost two weeks of being away from blogger, I finally settle in last evening to do a small post....

......what the ......

where was blogger!

Anyway, glad to see it back with all my blogging friends.


BC finds a home in Ontario

BC painting that is, has a new home in my home in Ontario.

I bought this lovely painting in British Columbia last month.  I did a lot of shopping at a quaint consignment shop that was located around the bend of my condo there.

BC painting gracing my condo in Kamloops last month, done by a local artist.

 The painting is located in my front foyer now, just below the stairs.
Looking at this picture now, I am thinking I need to put a bigger table in the hall, it is looking a bit lost.  Guess I will have to get some shopping done.  I just wanted to get the painting up on the wall because I like it so much.



  1. Welcome back home to Ontario. Are you going to be doing much work on your place this summer?

  2. lovely painting Diane. Now you get the chance to go shopping. I will be curious to see what you find. What fun!!
    How about that blogger going down ! it seems everyone really missed it.

  3. Hi Diane, I'm glad you are settling into your new home. Have fun shopping for those extra special things to fit in the empty spots! I can't wait for a tour :-) Blessings, Pamela