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Great Royal Romances Part 2


Great Royal Romances
...and not so great!
 As we watch Prince William marry Catherine Middleton on Friday, I pray for them that they have a happy and blessed married life. 

On with Part 2 of Great Royal Romances.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson 1937
Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Edward became King on the death of his father in January 1936.  He was never coronated. Before the year was finished, he abdicated in order to marry the woman he loved, twice divorced Wallis Simpson. 

I had a hard time deciding what to write about this piece of history.  I could stick to the historical facts, or write the myths and rumours surrounding this King.  Here is a rendering of this dark part of Royal history.
Was theirs a great romance or a Royal cover-up?
It was a great cover-up, masterminded by Sir Winston Churchill and the government of Britain.

Neville Chamberlain, Stanley Baldwin (PM at the time of abdication) and Churchill
Edward was going down a very dark road, he was getting in deep with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.  I think the only person who truly knew the extent of this worrisome problem was Churchill....naturally, I mean didn't he know every move that Hitler was taking???  
Churchill assisted Edward VIII with his abdication speech.

Myth or truth?  Captured German documents included records concerning the Duke of Windsor and his relations with the German government.  The records were destroyed by the then new King, his brother George VI.  These papers are to have revealed an embittered Edward contemplating treason.

There is so much to be said about this couple, but I think it is only healthy to move on to the next Royal Love.  I think you will get the picture already that Edward and Wallis.....I just did not like.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1923

 Finally after a century of playboy Kings and troubling marriages, came a healthy and happy one.
Prince Albert, Duke of York married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  
He initially proposed to her in 1921, but she turned him down having misgivings about become a Royal bride and wife. Albert declared he would love no other.  Even his mother, Queen Mary, paid a visit to Scotland to persuade Elizabeth to marry him.
In March 1922, he proposed again and again she refused him.
In January 1923, she finally gave in and agreed to marry him.

The King and Queen continued on to lead their country through the horror and heartache of  World War II.  
The King died in 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip 1947

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
Theirs has been a good sturdy relationship.  Although the same can not be said about their four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.
For the most part, she rules the Empire and he rules the household.  I think it has been a system that has worked well for them....and for us!  She is a wonderful and glorious Queen.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer  1981

Oh boy, where do I start....
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married in St. Paul's Cathedral in 1981. 
They had two children William and Harry (Henry).  They divorced in 1996.
This has to be the saddest romance in the Royal British history.
Hard as Charles tried, he just could not fall in love Diana.  I think at the beginning of their marriage, they were happy, but time and the paparazzi took its toll on this marriage.  

One of their last public engagements as husband and wife.

  For the duration of his marriage, Charles was in love with someone else, Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Diana dress in period costume for Klondite Days, Alberta, Canada.  
This dress is a replica of a dress worn by Alice Keppel, mistress of King Edward VII.
  It broke Diana's heart.  Diana died in a car accident in Paris, August 1997.
With many rumoured love affairs herself, I believe she loved Charles to the end.

The world over mourned her loss.  The British Royal family had not seen anything like it in history.
The Queen herself came under fire when she was no where to be seen or heard from, when her Nation needed her.
Charles married Parker Bowles in 2005.

Diana, Princess of Wales 1961 - 1997
I hope when William inherits the throne, he will reinstate her royal title -  HRH The King Mother.

Prince  & Princess William of Wales  2011

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

I will pray they have a successful marriage.  May they always be as happy as they are now.



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  1. I found your blog and enjoyed looking around. I too hope that William and Kate have a happy marriage. They are a beautiful couple!! Hope you'll stop by my blog for a visit soon!


  2. I'm popping over from Decor to Adore, and I've enjoyed both of your posts.

    I will say one thing about Edward VIII... the greatest moment in British history was when he abdicated. Churchill is my hero. I adore him. And the Queen Mother and George VI are right up there with Churchill in terms of my admiration.

    I'm thrilled that Prince William has found true love, and I love the fact that these two seem so solid. Can't wait for the wedding!



  3. I do believe that the Duke of Windsor was involved in some level with Germany. (After all a good portion of his family was German.) Wallis Simpson was VERY involved however and no matter what, a woman can always be influential on her mate.

    How lucky his brother was that when he finally went to Lady Elizabeth Bowes~Lyon in person she accepted his proposal.

  4. I hope William and Kate have a happy marriage. They certainly have a better chance than Charles and Diana did since they seem to have spent a lot of time together and formed a close friendship. The biggest stress will be the constant interference by the press.

  5. I'm with you... I too hope that when William inherits the throne(in my opinion sooner would be better than later...), he will reinstate her royal title - HRH The King Mother. She was indeed a marvelous mother & truly the people's princess! Charlene