Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's There To Eat Mom Tablescape

Breakfast At Our House

I have a dear sweet son
He loves to eat
And Eat
And Eat
The fridge is always loaded with good, healthy food and he says to me, "What's there to eat Mom?"
And because I am old and wise, he is really asking me, "Where's the junk food?"
And because I am a sucker for big, puppy dog eyes, there is always potato chips and sweets in my grocery cart.

Most mornings look like this....

...... bowls are always filled with hot oatmeal. 
As my dear sweet Mother always says, "eat your will stick to your ribs...keep you warm all day",  I do have to agree with her.

..... lots of fruit

..... eggs
..... and bacon or mini sizzler sausages or both, depending on how energetic I feel...

..... fibre
Some days toast, croissants, french toast....

..... juices and milk
Everyday I make sure he gets at least 2 glasses of milk.  Some days I have seen him drink a 4Litre jug.
He loves milk!!  

I am very proud of my son.
He is the funniest person alive. 
He is 6ft tall - one day he is little and the next day, presto, he is tall!
He has a photographic memory.  He can rhyme off things he read a month ago, me, I can barely remember what I read yesterday!
He is saving to buy himself a vintage car. 
He is 16....these are exciting times for him.  The future stretched out in front of him.

My job is to make sure he is feed ..... he is a growing boy!

Best mother/son book of all time

Every mother who has a son has probably read it.
If you are a new mother to a baby boy....forget me, after about 5 years you will be able to get to the end of the book without crying!!

I love my baby boy!  Now, go eat your breakfast! 


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  1. sniff...sniff..this post could almost make me cry. I have all daughters but now three little grandsons. (yes my daughter has that book and we both get teary eyed reading it).

    I love this post, both for written content and the beautiful pictures of your table, dishes, food and linens.


  2. Diane, this is a sweet post about your wonderful son and a lovely, healthy breakfast to keep him growing stong. I think your breakfast table is beautiful with all the yummy fruit etc. I love the milk glass chicken egg holder!

  3. Very sweet post, and a lovely table! I have a son too, and I remember when he ate like that! Now he is a daddy to 4 little ones, and eats very healthy food. I miss feeding him, so enjoy while he is still yours!
    I also gave him a copy of that book!
    I left that for a sub to read to my class, and she left a note how upset it made her to read it. The children don't take it that way, they aren't sentimental!

  4. Having three growing grandsons, I KNOW what you mean about feeding your son! They can eat forever and still be hungry. You have set a most interesting breakfast table......the fruit and the china with the fruit motiff look so inviting.......makes me want to sit down and eat my oatmeal and drink my milk!

  5. I have 2 grown, married sons and that brought sweet memories flooding back. Beautiful post.

  6. Your table is lovely and what a good job you're doing of feedng that hungry boy. It's so nice to have a good eater in the house, one who appreciates the good food you cook.


  7. Great post, I have two "boys" (mid 20's now) myself-enjoy:@)

  8. We read that book to our girls when they were young. It is a tear jerker! Looks like you have good food at your home. My husband makes a really easy no knead bread that we all love, so that's a great snack with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
    Growing up, my mom would only let us eat fruit between meals or a tortilla with cheese or butter. We didn't have junk food. And soda? Only at parties. Your table is lovely ~ warm and inviting!

  9. This sounds like I post that I'd write. I'm a sucker for what I call "the puppy face." I have two boys who have often gotten their way because of it. My youngest son (who is now 24 and is 6'2") sounds so much like yours, very funny, very smart, can memorize anything and fire it right back at you, and always has me laughing. I never could get through the Love You Forever book without crying. Still can't. Lovely post.

  10. I'm coming for breakfast at your house! I remember the days teenagers truly eating me out of house and home!

  11. Such a sweet post! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. And I usually fix oatmeal too. My youngest son loves it but the oldest one doesn't. He usually sticks to cereal. I admire you for cooking so much every day. I normally do not cook big breakfasts except on weekends. We are always rushing in the mornings. And the book is a favorite too! I made it into a song and sing it to my sons. You have a handsome son and he's blessed to have a wonderful mom!

  12. this was such a sweet post- it really made me think about my 3 sons. He's a lucky boy to have such a caring mother.

  13. I missed this book. Your post really a nice way to show your so nice and care your boy.

    I love the way you put your pretty things together. Very calm and neat. Although so much good and healthy food. Looking at it, makes me drool.

    Happy TS and enjoy your w/end.

    Greetings from the snowy Stockholm,

  14. Diane, I've finally come for a visit, sorry it has taken me so long. I have this book and you are right, it brings tears to your eyes. I've been blessed to have both a daughter and a son. Cherish these years they go so fast! I'm following you back.

  15. Hi Diane! Thanks for following us- we'd love to come and have a great breakfast with you anytime :) Also- that book KILLS me. I can't even think about it without getting teary-eyed.

    Hope you'll stop by Tiny Wallet Style soon!