Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

So much fun went into putting together my St. Patrick's Day Tablescape.  I wanted to use just green and white, it took me a while to find all the perfect pieces, but I finally put it all together.

This is dedicated to all those Irish and those that have Irish blood in them and to all those that like green!!  And of course, can't forget to all those Leprechauns out there!

And speaking of Irish - some great films of Ireland

"Laws of Attraction"  a romantic comedy with two New York lawyers traveling  to Ireland to deal with their clients battle over an Irish Castle.  Very funny film!

Ok...back to North America......

One last thing about Irish all time favorite Irish movie has to be "The Match Maker", a romance comedy set in the beauty of Ireland..... a must see!

St. Patrick's Day....a fun holiday to look forward to in March.....

Lady Diane, Marchioness of Donegal ??

In my family genealogy we came from Antrim, Ireland and took the voyage to Canada in 1725.  Some where in this family genealogy we have an ancestor that was the Marchioness of Donegal of Ireland....married to the Marquis of, does that make me blue blood??..maybe I should be called Lady Diane....
Lady Di...hmm....sounds good to me!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

On my table

Dinner and Salad plates - "Medallion Wreath"  Walmart
Sweet gingham napkins -  Yours truly made
Green Libby champagne glasses - Canadian Tire
Green table runner - Thrift store find
Irish Coffee glasses - Sweet little shop in Kamloops, BC

Come and join me at Susan's Tablescape Thursday at 

And  Marty's party at A Stroll Thru Life 
for Table Top Tuesday

I will also be joining in on the fun at Kathleen's St. Patrick's Day Party
Cuisine Kathleen
On March 15, 2011


  1. Love your sweet Irish table. We're planning a trip there in a couple of years. Well actually in three years when my husband turns 60!

  2. Great table!! I love your movie list and "The Matchmaker" Have you ever seen "Waking Ned Devine"? That's really good too

  3. Lovely table! I hope you will join the 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Party at my blog on the 15th! This will be perfect...and a give away too!

  4. What a pretty table, Lady Di! :-)
    Happy St Patrick's day to you!!

  5. I love your table, it's simply gorgeous and elegant, I adore your white plates. I love all those movies and own them,...ummm maybe I'll dust them and see Evelyn again?!
    I hope you come over for my St. Patty's too.
    Many blessings and a lot of luck of the Irish.

  6. Thanks so much for joining in! I have to tell my NY lawyer son to see that movie! :)