Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Lilies

I am joining in the lovely Fresh Cut Friday party over at

When I was in my 20's I bought each week fresh cut flowers
for either home or the office, or both......

.....pretty much.....through the years, I have kept up that tradition.....

....this week I have Easter Lilies.......and daffodils..... will always find fresh flowers in my homestead.......



  1. lovely. I try to have something fresh in my house also. Sometimes it's just a single rose in a bud vase. It's a small expense for a lot of joy!!!

  2. What a lovely tradition!

    When I lived in Europe, it was very common to see people buying fresh flowers in the marketplace. Back home, I don't see it happen very often.

    Yet, why not? Too often, I walk through the grocery store, admire the fresh flowers and keep going. But don't I deserve to treat myself to something so cheerful and refreshing?

    You have given me a fresh perspective on the subject. I think that I will have to treat myself!

  3. Lovely Lilies! Do they make your whole home smell pretty? That is such a wonderful tradition! I try to have them often as well. I'm so glad that you joined in for Fresh-Cut Friday! :) I really appreciate it! :)


  4. We should always treat ourselves well! Your flowers are beautiful:@)

  5. My other half bought me tulips at the market yesterday, said he couldn't resist treating me to them!
    Your lilies are gorgeous.

  6. I love your bright yellow lilies! Last Friday evening hubby and I were at the grocery store and he bought me a bouquet of daffodils. Well, they were duds. They just didn't open up and hung their pretty little heads. I was at the grocery store on Monday (again!) and saw fresh tulips (from PEI) so bought 2 bunches ($4.00 each, not bad). When hubby saw them on the table he said: "Did I buy you those?" I laughed and said they were to replace the poor daffodils that didn't live. So, yes, I try to keep fresh flowers in the house nearly all year now. I love it! Have a great weekend Diane!

  7. Wonderful tradition...I love those lilies!

  8. Gorgeous lilies, and your Easter vignettes are darling. You've inspired me to pull out some of my Easter bunnies this weekend. It's time! ~ Sarah

  9. The flowers are beautiful and your vignettes look wonderful. You have done a beautiful job decorating. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  10. That is a wonderful habit to have! Fresh flowers are always so refreshing!!

  11. Hi Diane! Lilies are my favorite and these are beautiful. How wonderful that you treat yourself with fresh flowers. I bet your home smells wonderful.

  12. Gorgeous! I, too, love flowers. I worked as a floral designer for many years in both fresh and silk. Dream job! XO, Pinky