Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cattle Drive

I have mentioned a few times we have been living out West for the past year.
Hands down one of the most spectacular things of the West are the mountains.

While we are here we are trying to make our rounds, to see as much as we can before we return home (home being Ontario).

One weekend we were heading to Washington State (about 5 hours away) when we came upon a cattle drive.

Something we do not see much.  Not at all in Ontario.

A true symbol of the West.
How cool....

Cattle drive near Merritt, BC

Hey.....where did you come from?? 

A rogue cow that wanted to do his own thing!

We found this handsome cow strolling along the side of the road!

As we drove by, we pulled over to tell the group we had found handsome cow a few miles back.  Did that make us part of the cattle drive?

Daughter with Chase the horse.

We are horsey people.  I thought my children were going to beg the cowboys for a job work'n on the range!

So needless to say, life in British Columbia has been exciting at times.


I will be showing off my pictures

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  1. Spectacular pictures Diane! I love the mountains and would like to do the drive from Banff to Chilliwack again someday. Have a great day!

  2. Oh




    Now - - - for the sacrilegious part of my sense of humor: Your "cow" is either truly a "cow" and then a SHE, or HE is not a cow at all but a bull or a steer - - - I'm just sayin' (I don't see an udder, so I'm guessing what we have here is a steer.)

  3. A Cattle drive. How fun to see that. Those MT. are beautifl. yes the mountians her ein Oregon and Washington are soemthing to see. I agree.
    Im here from the Outdoor Wednesday Hop

  4. I miss the mountains and seeing the cattle drives. Where I live it is called the flatlands. Big difference! Lovely, just lovely photographs. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    Joyce M

  5. Luv the pictures. Looks like awesome weather too.

  6. Yes, if you get off the freeway in the west you might encounter a cattle drive or a sheep drive.