Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

After 5 months in British Columbia, we have finally returned home for a Christmas visit.  Well at least 2 of us have.  My son and I have returned home while my daughter stays in Kamloops, BC to finish her term at University.  She is studying Architecture and Engineering.  

Before we return to our own home, we have been enjoying a stay with my sister.  She has a wonderful home in the country on 40 acres of woods and creeks.  

Love to spend time out in her stables with the horses and dogs.

The creek on her beautiful and peaceful.  Nice and relaxing after spending 4 days on the road to get home!

Glad to be back at home in snow covered Ontario!! 


  1. How beautiful, the home in the woods looks like a picturesque, peaceful retreat. How wonderful you could spend 4 months with her. The last pic is just breathtaking.

  2. I Know those dogs are having fun but are they freezing also?

    I love dogs they are so much fun. If I lived in the country I would have about 5 dogs


  3. Welcome home! That doggie pic is priceless!

  4. what a beautiful place to live. Welcome home!