Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Christmas collection and how it started

I am a Christmas lover!  I have a huge collection of Christmas decor for my home and trees.  Yes trees, I have a total of eight (8) full trees that go up each year.  With the exception of this year because we are not home, but living out west.  My Xmas trees each year keep growing in ornaments or I start a brand new tree or themed tree.  It all started with a little "Charlie Brown" 4ft's my first Xmas tree story.....

I had just moved out of Mom's house, I am 22,  living on my own for about 4 months and Christmas time rolls around. No problem, will be going home for Christmas.  However, one frosty Saturday morning I am out shopping with older sister and she asks me if I have a Xmas tree yet for my apartment......uh,, I say.  Well we end up buying a little 4ft artificial tree.  I bring it home and put it together.  Nothing on it...bare....hmm.  For days I keep passing this tree, each day thinking how lonely this thing looks. I go to the stores to look for ornaments for this poor, lonely little Xmas tree.  Started off pretty good, bought about half a dozen ornaments, some lights....that should do it right?  Wrong.  Get home, put these random matching ornaments on my little lonely tree and was gravely disappointed.  Well that was that....I have to trim this sweet little tree and trim it properly.  I started to shop regularly for ornaments and all the works, and I have never stopped.

So there begins my story of my mass Xmas collection.  A collection of decorated tree - Santas, Nutcrakers, Angels, Precious Moment and Snowbabies ornaments.  I have Nativity Sets, Xmas villages, trains, a Xmas cookie jar collection, bounds and bounds of garland and tons of vintage Xmas - if its anything to do with Christmas, I have it!

This picture below was the start of my serious collecting.  Back in 1993 I had only the one "family" tree, but you can see I was already starting on the Precious Moment ornaments, glass ornaments and the different colours.

Just the start of my Xmas collection.  Back in 1993 there was only the one tree, now we have grown to up to 8 full trees and numerous small trees.

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  1. Hi, Diane! How fun that you have so many Christmas trees! I usually put up 1 big one, 2 4-footers in my kiddos' rooms and three minis. I absolutely love Christmas, too!

    Welcome to the blogging world~and thanks for following me:)