Sunday, August 14, 2016

Farmhouse Finds from Target

As the farmhouse renos continue on, it takes a lot of my thinking energy. I am also thinking decor.
This house is such a country farmhouse, no if's or but's about it.
It oozes with rural, fields, tractors, small town, comfort, family, cozy, peaceful.

I am starting the buying stages of the decor, what will look good, what I already have and what I will need to buy.
So I checked out online Target.
I pulled together a few farmhouse style mood boards.
With a bit of industrial thrown in for good measure, and a few odds and ends from other retails stores to give it a complete look.

Yes Target is no longer in Canada, but they do ship here.
This is not a paid sponsor, I am just sharing what shopping consideration I am doing for the farmhouse. 

Let's have a look.

Living Room
I start with my white IKEA sofa and love seat, not of course that Target sells it,
but it is just a fav of mine...pretty much goes with any style you are trying to create.
 Add a standard beige 8x10 carpet from Home Depot.

 I went with a pallet of white and neutral colours.
For any of these items I have a direct link on my Pinterest  board 



Even though there is not a bison in sight, I thought this picture was cool.
This print is not found at Target, I found it here 


Buffalo or cow, both pics just seem to fit into the style of this farmhouse.
Again, this print is not found at Target, I found it here


Master Bedroom

A classic black farmhouse style wrought iron bed.
I like the look Target created for there "Industrial Shop" line, so I went with it.



Any time I am considering a purchase for the farmhouse, I pin it for future reference.
Check out my shopping list here

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Farmhouse Flip Update Aug 7 2016

A few updates since my last on July 17 2016
Things have slowed down slightly at the farmhouse.
With down time for summer vacations and financials, things did slow down but did not stop completely.

As we speak, I am composing a post on the financials of this renovations.
It has had its moments, but we are still charging on full steam ahead.

The most exciting project we started last week was the beginning of a back deck.
I expressed to my crew that I wanted to not only learn how to, but help build this small flat level deck.
And I did.

I will be getting a complete DIY on the blog once the deck is completed.
But so far, I am so stinkin' proud of my deck....I did this! (Well for all intent and purposes....maybe I did half!)
I can so see a patio set, flower pots and a bbq. :)

Weed tarp is getting placed on all the flower beds.
Topsoil will get brought in and I can finish planting some trees and perennials.
The day I installed the tarp I ran out, so still have to finish the front of the house, and both sides of the porch.

Not that visual in this photo, but the porch stairs were slanted slightly when I bought the property.
One of my crew took a tire jack and lifted it slightly, then wedged some pieces of wood to give it a symmetric balance.

Still to do for the porch - paint the floor, paint the exterior door white and install a Victorian screen door.

Drywall in the kitchen is just receiving it's second coat of mud and sanding.
Then we are finally ready for paint.  You can bet I will be doing a happy dance when we get to this stage.
Once paint is dry, finally finally the cabinets get install.  Then this little house might to finally look like a home.

Opposite the side of the above pic, is the three doors.
The door in the middle, leads to the upstairs bedrooms.
The paneling will be painted white to give it a bit of brightness.

The bathroom
We have finished installing the new drywall in this room.
The tub will get a ceramic surround.
For the walls, I have bought tongue and groove planking.
After it gets installed, it will be painted white.
Will get a DIY tutorial on here when it is complete.

The Living Room
And finally finally the living room is starting to come together the way I had vision it to.
Drywall is being replaced where 2ft of wall was hidden behind a drop ceiling.
Going from an 8ft ceiling to a 10ft.
Where the drywall was placed, it makes the height even more pronounced.
Still need to mud and sand, then paint.
And of course discovering we had those beams!  They add so much personality to this room.
New trim and new flooring for this room will be installed within the month.

Check back in a few weeks for further updates.
Starting next week we will be on a blitz to get the farmhouse up to speed and ready to put on the market.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Arhaus Farmhouse

I was inspired by furniture and home decor company Arhaus to compose a design post.
They have beautiful and original furnishings, I am a big fan.
So I put together a farmhouse style design plan.

Being knee deep in farmhouse renos, it was a nice break to sit down and check out their website.
Fell in love with pretty much everything.
I pieced together a design plan that would suit a farmhouse.
More precisely, what my sweet little farmhouse would look like dressed in Arhaus, once renos were done.

 Living Room

 Master Bedroom

Shouldn't all farmhouses have a black metal bedframe.
Simple, yet elegant.

Soft, soothing white bedding.  Love the black buttons.

 Gray curtains against white painted walls. 

Little bit of nature art work.

The farmhouse has no built-in closets, a wardrobe would fit perfect.
And this is such a cool piece of bedroom furniture.  Love the barn door style.


 Whether you are going farmhouse or whatever style you choose, they have some amazing stuff.
Feast your eyes on these beautiful images from their Facebook page ......your welcome! :)

 I fell in love with this chanty.


I want that trunk coffee table....

This chandelier is just too amazing....I want this too....

This cafe table set would look effective tucked away in a rec room/family room.

All pics/images are from their website
 and their Facebook page.

"Arhaus. for those of you who don't know about is a furniture company who designs great usable products,
with little design features.
From their sectional sofas to their desk lamps,
and many of their other products, making it easy to see that their beautiful products built for the future!
They're committed to the earth's resources, by developing unique and functional pieces from recycled natural resources,
with an added commitment to never using wood from the endangered forests of the world."

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