Monday, September 4, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Lady Contractor

Having a look at the week of this lady contractor, rather than just a day, it was a busy one.
And interesting.

Hiring a full-time employee.
I put the budget in place and ventured into this new stage of my house flipping business.
Big step for me.  But one that was longtime needed.
Up to now, I have been hiring out expensive contractors.
I also had weekend part-time workers, but for the one or two days they worked it was slow moving.

I was all excited at the beginning of the week welcoming my brand new full-time employee.
He is working everyday on the house.
Then, after two days he quits!
No this could not happen, so I went into action and fast.
I was already picking up vibes that this was going to happen, so I put an ad online.
Hot on his heels of leaving, I interviewed and hired a new guy.
And he is doing great. A good worker, knows what's he doing. And dedicated to the renovations and his job.

Concentrating on the Bungalow flip
I am seeing the Bungalow flip come together at record speed.
Our market projection day is September 15.
The furniture is already starting to arrive for staging.

Bought this buffet at a garage sale this summer.  Painted it white.
No before and after....sorry.  I know...bad blogger!
It will be going somewhere in this house, but not sure where just yet.

 Spray painting brass light fixtures around the house.
Actually....spray painting a few things for this house.  Maybe going just a little spray paint happy...just a little bit! ;)

A few weekends ago I was in Michigan and bought a few items for the Bungalow.
These Ikat curtains are going to do wonders....can't wait to get them installed.
Can't wait period for this house to come together, it's going to be beautiful!

World Market

On a personal note....
Taking a look at a more personal side of this lady contractor,
I had minor surgery done on my hand this week.

 Proving difficult for this type of profession...I need both hands and I have been down to one.
Everyone has been super helpful - new employee, folks at the lumber and hardware store.
It's surprising me the toll it's taken on me physically.
The last few days as my hand heals I have just wanted to sleep and relax.
Even in the blurry picture above I am looking a bit pale and fatigue.
September 14 the stitches come out.
I didn't injury myself on the job, I had a cyst develop on my hand.
There was no symptoms, no pain.
When the surgeon asked me why then did I want it removed, I told him why wouldn't I want it removed?
Things like that shouldn't be growing on any part of your body, it should be addressed right!

Anyway, this has been my week.
Check back in a few days, I will be getting an update on the renos for the Bungalow flip.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Everything Is Changing....

These days, I am looking to get more personal on my blog.
 Sure my life is all about renovations and real estate, but that's only the one side.
I feel like there are so many Diane's....the lady Contractor, the country girl, the mother, the daughter,
 someone's sweetheart, someone's friend, the bookkeeper, the blogger....the list goes on.
And what better place to share it than a blog...right?

So a while back I made the decision to change my blog's name, my blog's layout.
Write and chronicle the renos, and write about my personal journey.
They do go hand in hand.

I have for several months been penning various blog posts, but not publishing them.
Writing down my journey, before it gets old and I forget the details.
I write about the renos and the before and after's of them.  A passion that has not slowed down.
The main focus of the blog will always be about the's a big thing in my life.

I write about the struggles of being an empty-nester.  And living alone.
I write about dating, romance and love.
Cooking, recipes.  Photography.
Home decor. Outdoor landscaping.  Where I shop.
Roadtripping and my passion for driving.  My jeep.
Kinda everything.

I'm slowly changing everything over to the new blog site,
"Diane Reta The Blog"
I just opened up a new Facebook page.
Like the page and follow along!
I will slowly be moving away from "The Olde Barn" page.

Or follow along on my Instagram page.

So folks, lets begin.............


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Captured on my Camera

With each house I buy and flip,
I capture with my camera an image that seems to speak for that house.

They become my favourite of sorts.
Pictures that I took that sum up that house in one single image.

Let's take a look.....

The new cottage house.

The large lot is every inch English gardens.
I snapped this picture of the shed that is nestled in with the gardens.
The flowers take centre stage, but this graceful beauty sits content nestled in.
She adds to the garden's elegance.

The blue farmhouse

You have seen this pic a few times, but it just says farmhouse.
Cozy country warmth.

A rusty old door handle.
For a long time this picture was the mascot for this house.

I captured her on my camera.
A lonely ghost gazing out the old barn window.
From the beginning of the renos I knew something evil went down in this house.
From the covered up evidence on the wall, something rolling around in the shallow well.
Could this poor soul been a victim of a gunshot?  And lifeless body hidden in the well.
A woman with no name missing for a century,  until a lady came along one cold winter day with a camera.

This past January, I was out taking pics of the property and captured her, by accident, on my camera.
When I took the pic, I didn't see her physically.
It wasn't until I was back at home later that day and downloaded the pictures.
Read about it here
Look very closely.
If I never believed in ghosts before, I do now.

The country house flip.

I can't even capture how beautiful this property is.
It's like a park.

The red brick farmhouse.

Everything about this property was photogenic.
But this image was my favourite.

And this one...
She was an old and solid farmhouse, and she was majestic.


Captured with my camera.

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